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Upper Arm Lift

Upper Arm Lift in Berlin

The aim of an upper arm lift is to remove excess skin and soft tissue such as subcutaneous fat. The natural shape can be restored by the upper arm lift and a sporty and slim figure can be achieved. The natural shape can be restored by the upper arm lift and a sporty and slim figure can be achieved.

The arm lift is performed under two different medical aspects. On the one hand, the tightening of the upper arms in patients after massive weight loss serves to reduce excess skin. On the other hand, many people suffer from a weakness of the connective tissue, which, as part of the natural aging process, can lead to additional sagging of the skin on the upper arms. In these cases, it is also useful to tighten the upper arms in an operation.

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Upper Arm Lift: The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

1 day


General anaesthesia

Follow-up treatment

6 weeks
compression goods

Resumption of social activities

after 14 days






from 7500.00 euros

When is an Arm lift useful?

  • For patients with hanging skin on the upper arms (wave arms)
  • For patients who have lost a lot of weight in a short time and then want to get rid of skin flaps and the last fatty tissue on the upper arms
  • For patients in whom age-related, sagging skin on the upper arms leads to mental suffering
Upper Arm Lift
Upper Arm Lift

Information on Treatment

Upper arm liposuction cannot replace an upper arm lift. However, it can be combined very well with it. If you have liposuction on your arm, the upper arm lift will be more effective. The reduction of the circumference on the upper arms is increased, meaning the fabric is softer and more malleable when the upper arms are tightened. Thus, liposuction and tightening can be successfully performed in parallel with one session for one upper arm.

In upper arm lifting with thread lifting, self-dissolving threads with small barbs are inserted into the inner and outer side of the upper arms under the skin. This tightens the arms and activates the connective tissue. The advantage of suture lifting is that it is a minimally invasive procedure and no general anaesthetic is required. Furthermore, the positive result of the upper arm lift is immediately visible.

The upper arm lift has two different goals: The improvement of the soft tissue situation and the emphasis on the natural shape of the upper arm. An upper arm lift can be used to shape and accentuate an aesthetically pleasing upper arm as well as the armpit and elbow area. Through the upper arm tightening these look youthful and sporty again. Our patients have consistently reported positively about the before and after pictures of their upper arm lift.

In principle, a surgical upper arm lift causes relatively little pain. Post-operative pain can be moderate, but if necessary, it can be easily treated with mild painkillers. The wound pain as such usually subsides within a few days, so that you only feel a slight tension in the upper arms, which is, however, completely normal.

The classic operations in plastic surgery are increasingly supplemented or sometimes even completely replaced by the alternative, minimally invasive treatment methods. It is no different in the field of skin tightening. The traditional, surgical upper arm lift is only one of many ways to get rid of excess skin. Often this is done completely without surgery, minimally invasive, gentle and, above all, scar-free. Methods such as laser skin resurfacing, tightening with the help of thread lifting, tightening with liposuction or laser lipolysis can be used.

Laser skin resurfacing: In non-surgical upper arm lifting with the help of laser, fat cells are destroyed under local anesthesia using different wavelengths. However, the procedure can be used if the excess skin is minor. If larger skin flaps have already developed, only surgical intervention can achieve a satisfactory result.

Upper arm lifting with thread lifting: In this procedure, thin, self-dissolving threads are implanted into the skin under local anesthesia to bind the sagging tissue. In this way, the upper arms are tightened – but only temporarily, as the effect wears off after about three years and the procedure should be performed again.

Liposuction: If the sagging tissue is mainly caused by the abundant fat deposits, the upper arms can be tightened with the help of liposuction alone.

Laser lipolysis: This innovative procedure is a combination of laser treatment and liposuction, removing the fatty tissue and smoothing the skin at the same time.

The classic upper arm lift surgery is only one of many ways to get the upper arms in shape. This can now be done gently and minimally invasively with the help of laser technology. A distinction is made between laser skin resurfacing and laser lipolysis..

In laser skin resurfacing, fat cells are destroyed under local anesthesia using different wavelengths. Laser lipolysis is a combination of laser treatment and liposuction, where the skin is smoothed and the fat is removed in one go. However, both one and the other procedure are not suitable for all findings. If the excess skin is minor, the two methods can produce very good results. If larger skin flaps are to be removed, only the surgical procedure can lead to a satisfactory result.

Experience / After the Upper Arm Lift at Sinis Aesthetics in Berlin

The result of an upper arm lift is usually very satisfactory, regardless of which method our patients have had upper arm surgery with. If someone has had an upper arm lift, the reports of experience are generally positive. In our experience, our patients leave the Sinis Clinic Berlin very happy with their upper arm lift.

Upper Arm Lift

In general, the incision is made in such a way that the scars are as inconspicuous as possible. The scars run along the inside and back of the upper arm from the armpit to the elbow and sometimes beyond. An upper arm lift without scars is achieved by the thread lift, as the tightening effect is produced under the skin by means of self-dissolving threads. Depending on the patient and the method, the scarring varies.

In principle, the upper arm lift can also be combined with other procedures. The sensible combination with other aesthetic operations depends on the time required and the patient’s condition. Patients often combine an upper arm lift with a lifting operation of the abdominal wall, thighs, bottom or breast.

Upper Arm Lift Berlin Costs at Sinis Clinic Berlin

What does an upper arm lift cost? The answer to this question must be given individually for each patient. If you want to operate on saggy upper arms, the costs differ. In fact, there are cases where the health insurance company covers the costs of an upper arm lift. We would be happy to advise you on the basis of your findings, especially with regard to the possibility of receiving a health insurance benefit.

If you have decided to have an upper arm lift in Berlin, we will be happy to inform you about the details. For further questions or an appointment for upper arm lifting in Berlin, please call us at 030 92 10 81 75 58 or simply fill out our contact form.

If you would like to have an upper arm lift for purely cosmetic reasons, your health insurance will not cover the costs for the upper arm lift surgery itself or for the hospital stay. However, if such an operation is necessary for medical reasons, the health insurance may cover all or part of the costs. For example, this would definitely be the case in the case of extensive weight loss and the resulting excess skin – especially if the costs for the insertion of a gastric band for weight loss have already been covered. If this applies to you, you should apply for cost coverage from your health insurance company at an early stage so that you receive approval in good time before the procedure.


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