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    Breast Lift (mastopexy) in Berlin

    A round, firm breast is generally regarded as feminine and seductive, but not every woman has full and firm breasts by nature. Additionally, through the natural aging process, pregnancy, breastfeeding and hormonal changes, the female breast can lose shape and firmness over the years. The parts of the breast that determine the volume, including the areola complex, can move downwards. In extreme cases, this can lead to the visual impression of sagging and sagging breasts. This can become a serious psychological burden for some women. A breast lift or breast augmentation is the solution to the problem. Find out about a breast lift here at the Sinis Clinic in Berlin.

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    General: What is a breast lift?

    Breast lifts, with or without implants, allow correction of the nipple or areola complex as well as the breast volume to be achieved. A good basis for women to decide whether or not to undergo a breast lift is provided by in-depth consultations at Sinis Clinic BERLIN, where we inform you about methods and tell you whether and how your own wishes can be realized.

    Patient tip: How can I tighten my breast without surgery?

    A relatively new, minimally invasive method of breast lift without surgery using radiofrequency waves is recommended. The advantage of this technology is obvious: the breast is slightly tightened and lifted without any incisions or scars. However, the disadvantage is that the procedure cannot be applied to every breast.

    Breast Lift – The Facts

    Duration of the operation: approx. 2 to 4 hours (depending on the procedure and size of the breast)
    Length of Stay in the Clinic: 1 day
    Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia/ general anaesthesia
    Follow-up treatment: 6 weeks compression bra
    Resumption of social activities: after approx. 2 weeks

    breast lift sinis clinic

    Breast lift methods in Berlin

    Breast Lift with an Implant

    During a breast lift with an implant, breast augmentation can be carried out with the implant’s help . A combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation is usually sensible if the breast dimensions and especially the position of the nipple are correct and harmonious. However, conventional breast augmentation is usually not sufficient to achieve a satisfactory and permanent result. It is also possible to simultaneously perform a breast lift with a silicone implant and achieve a breast reduction . This is known as a so-called plus-minus variant.

    Breast Lift without an Implant

    The most modern available procedure for breast lifting without implants is the so-called “Inner Bra Method”, which is based on a procedure from breast reduction. In this procedure, the inner bra serves to compensate for the congenital tissue weaknesses and ensures a satisfactory result in the long term. The gland is tightened by gathering and suspending the glandular body on the chest wall.

    Breast lift with own fat at Sinis Clinic Berlin

    If a not very strong breast lift with a little more volume is desired, in some cases we can offer a natural method – the own fat injections. Breast lift with autologous fat is performed on an outpatient basis. First, the required fat is removed from the previously defined areas with the help of liposuction. It is then prepared and injected into the breasts using fine cannulas. The injected fat cells usually remain in the breasts permanently, as experience has shown that 70 percent of them grow. In one treatment, the breasts can grow about one cup size. If more is desired, multiple treatments can be performed. The result of such a breast lift looks very natural and also leaves no scars, as the skin is not incised. However, a breast lift using the injections of autologous fat is only useful if the bust is not very saggy. If the breast tissue is severely overstretched, a conventional operation is recommended, as in this case autologous fat injections will not give a satisfactory result.
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    Breast lift procedure in Sinis Clinic Berlin

    How does a breast lift work?

    Similar to a face lift, a breast lift is not a simple lifting of the skin. At the same time, it is not a breast enlargement. During a breast lift, the reason for the change in shape must be treated and not just its effects. Simply removing the excess skin does not usually produce satisfactory results. Instead, the principle of soft tissue migration in terms of of gravity on the breast should always be understood, considered and treated by the aesthetic surgeon in Berlin. It is not uncommon for the downward movement of the breasts to leave a distance of over 35 centimetres, or more, between the pit of the neck and the nipple. In a young woman without sagging breasts, this distance is usually no more than 20 centimetres. This means that a breast lift should aim to reduce the distance between the nipple and the pit of the neck. However, the breast lift also aims to simulatenously return the mammary gland to its former location – where it was usually positioned 15 or 20 years previously. The secret to a permanently satisfying and stable result is usually to tighten the mammary gland and not the skin in the true sense of the word. A breast lift generally requires careful and detailed planning. At the Sinis Clinic Berlin we conduct a detailed and individual consultation with the patient before every operation, and for good reason. This is so we can to respond to her individual and personal wishes, ideas and goals. Since the patient is usually also given a general anaesthetic, we advise an inpatient stay of about one day at the Sinis Clinic Berlin.….read more

    What breast lift techniques are there?

    Plastic surgery for breast lift has changed and improved over the last few decades, resulting in modern techniques with minimal scarring. The incision is made according to the individual physical condition of the patient. As a rule, the incision for a breast lift always runs around the areola, since in a breast lift the nipple with the areola is lifted together with the gland. In rare cases, a breast lift can only be performed with such an incision around the areola. In most cases, a downward cut must also be made at the lower pole of the areola.

    Is a breast lift also possible without surgery?

    The conventional, surgical procedures in plastic surgery are more often replaced by the alternative, minimally invasive treatment methods. It is no different in the field of breast surgery. Radiofrequency therapy is such a method, which is preferred to classical surgery in suitable cases. Here, breasts can be easily tightened and lifted by stimulating the breast tissue with the radiofrequency energy. The treatment can last from one to two hours, depending on the breast condition. For this purpose, under local anesthesia, special tubes are inserted into the breast tissue in the area of the nipples, which heat the connective tissue by targeted and uniform delivery of radiofrequency waves, which should stimulate the body’s own collagen production. The connective tissue contracts, the skin becomes slightly denser and the breast tightens overall – but not immediately. Before you notice the first positive effects of radiofrequency therapy or changes, you will have to be patient for about two to three months. And the final result will be visible only after six to twelve months.
    Despite obvious benefits, the radiofrequency method is only effective to a certain extent and therefore not suitable for every breast condition. If the breast tissue is already overstretched, only surgery can remedy the situation, because radiofrequency therapy will not produce a satisfactory result in such a case.

    Simulate the new you in 3D

    3D simulation

    The simulation software developed in 2009 enables you to create three-dimensional online visualizations. In this way, a before-and-after comparison can already be illustrated before the breast lift. Further information about the Crisalix software can be found here:


    Risks & complications of breast lift in Berlin

    What are the risks and pain associated with breast lift at Sinis Clinic Berlin?

    A breast lift is performed under the usual surgical conditions and usually under general anaesthesia. Such an intervention is always associated with a certain degree of risk, but the team at Sinis Clinic Berlin minimizes these risks through its many years of experience and high level of expertise. Numbness is possible in the area of the scar and sensory disturbances in the region of the nipple. However, both of these symptoms should disappear on their own after a few days or weeks. A permanently disturbed sensation in the breast or nipple is very rare. Bruises and swellings also occur from time to time after the procedure. Usually these post-operative symptoms disappear during the healing process.

    One of the serious complications of a breast lift is the development of thromboses or embolisms. These are detached blood clots that block the vessels and can therefore be life-threatening. However, the formation of a blood clot is one of the extremely rare risks of a breast lift. The pain after a breast lift is also relatively manageable. Patients usually experience slight pressure pain or pulling in the scar area. However, this can be easily controlled with weak painkillers. Problems with breastfeeding after a breast lift almost never occur. However, it is generally recommended that a breast lift is only performed after family planning has been completed, as a new pregnancy can put added strain on the breast tissue. Some of these treatments carry more risks than others and even if some of them are rather unlikely or harmless or well treatable, it is important to inform the patient in detail. Allergic reactions and intolerances are determined in advance, so that this type of risk can be excluded beforehand.….read more

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    Breast lift in Berlin: experiences / scars

    Patient experience of breast lift at Sinis Aesthetics in Berlin

    We are driven by the goal of giving our patients at the Sinis Clinic Berlin consistently positive experiences of their breast lift and the doctors treating them. That is why we respond individually to each and every patient. We don’t believe in rigid methods of treatment, but rather place value in bespoke treatment tailored to the needs and wishes of the patient. Our experienced and competent team of specialists ensure this, meaning the patient feels completely comfortable during their stay and treatment and can receive optimal medical care.

    Scars after Surgery

    A breast lift without any scarring does not exist. After all, it is a surgical procedure. During a breast lift, the experienced surgeon makes the incision along the areola. Then a second, ground-directed incision is usually made at the lower pole of the areola. The incision is made in the most gentle way possible, meaning disturbing scars in the armpit and décolleté area are avoided. However, the scars eventually fade, so that they are hardly visible and are almost invisible.
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    Cost of breast lift at Sinis Klinik Berlin

    What does a breast lift cost at Sinis Aesthetics Berlin?

    We do not want to offer lump sums, but the highest possible quality. Since every patient has different wishes and ideas and every person is of different physical condition, it contradicts our work ethic to work according to templates and flat rates. You deserve individual attention and a detailed cost estimate. We will be happy to provide you with this estimate of the breast lift costs during a personal consultation at our practice.

    Breast lift in Berlin

    Are you interested in a breast lift in Berlin? Then you are welcome to contact us. At the Sinis Clinic Berlin we will be happy to answer your queries during a consultation. We always carry out the interventions according to the most modern methods and highest quality standards. Our patients come from Germany and abroad. We would also be happy to advise you: please fill out the following contact form or call us at: 030 – 67 82 81 81

    What are the approximate prices for a breast lift in Berlin?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to quote exact amounts as a general rule, as the general conditions vary greatly for each individual procedure and for each patient. Each operation is individual and accordingly requires an individual cost breakdown. The type of breast lift and the extent of the operation are the decisive factors for the cost composition. In addition, the amount of the costs depends on the findings as well as the result expected by you. The possible use of autologous fat or breast implants, the duration of the hospital stay and the anesthesia procedure are also cost-relevant aspects. In addition, qualified, specialist consultation, treatment and control appointments as well as compression garments are included in the total price. Several non-binding consultations are required, in the course of which the cost of the breast lift as well as personal expectations are clarified and the cost of the procedure is determined. To give you an overview, we can give you a market average value – this is about 6000 euros in the Berlin area. The price range usually starts at a minimum of 2500 euros, although it is highly variable upwards.

    Can I pay the costs of a breast lift at the Sinis Clinic Berlin in installments?

    Since the high costs of a breast lift are not usually covered by health insurance, you can consider the possibility of paying in installments. For this purpose, numerous credit institutions offer various financing and installment payment models that are directly tailored to breast surgery. The attractive monthly installments give you the opportunity to realize your project without having to forego high quality. You can receive detailed advice on this from us. If you wish, we can create a financing model for you that is tailored to your individual needs and possibilities – discreetly and without obligation, of course – which you can then coordinate with your financial institution. As soon as you receive a positive feedback from the bank, you can start with the preparation of the breast lift.
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