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    Breast Lift

    In an aesthetic-surgical treatment of the breast by means of a lift, the excess skin tissue of the breast, which is responsible for the sagging breast, is surgically removed. A number of different surgical methods are available for this purpose: The optimal procedure for any given case can vary a great deal. Depending on the physical condition and individual issues, the following techniques are particularly suitable for a breast lift.

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    General information on the various breast lift techniques

    Here we have made available all the important information on the subject of breast lifting. In order to do this, we offer an overview of the common techniques of breast lifting. The periareolar lift (also known as invisible, almost “scarless” breast lift), where the implant is inserted through an incision at the nipple, the Lejour method, which is used to reduce large breasts, and the T-cut method (also known as anchor incision or Strömbeck method), which allows the greatest change in volume of the breast and is used, for example, for very saggy breasts. If you have any further questions, please feel free to arrange a consultation appointment.

    Breast Lift – The Facts

    Duration of the operation: approx. 2 to 4 hours (depending on the procedure and size of the breast)
    Length of Stay in the Clinic: 1 day
    Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia/ general anaesthesia
    Follow-up treatment: 6 weeks compression bra
    Resumption of social activities: after approx. 2 weeks

    breast lift techniques

    Overview of breast lift techniques

    Breast lift: The periareolar lift

    This procedure is also often touted as an “invisible, almost scarless” breast lift. However, it should be noted that every surgical procedure can leave scars, including periareolar tightening. The incision is made exclusively around the areola. The surgeon removes the excess skin and breast tissue. The skin is then pulled together again, creating small wrinkles around the areola (pleated wrinkles). Lifting is only performed at the skin level, the deeper lying glandular tissue is not lifted, the scarring is therefore particularly small in periareolar lifting. However, only a very limited amount of tissue can be removed with this method, making the technique particularly suitable for small changes and breasts.

    Breast Lift: The Lejour method

    The Lejour method has proven to be particularly effective in simulatneously reducing the size of large breasts and making them firmer. The surgeon makes both a circular incision around the areola and a vertical incision (I incision). In this way considerably more fat, glandular and skin tissue can be removed. The nipple is moved accordingly.

    Breast Lift: The T-cut

    The T-incision (also known as the anchor incision or Strömbeck method) allows the greatest change to the breast and is therefore useful for patients with a particularly large breast volume and correspondingly sagging breasts. On the other hand, this surgical technique for breast lift also requires more incisions and leaves correspondingly more scars. In addition to the incision around the areola and the vertical incision, the surgeon makes a horizontal incision along the breast fold. The T-cut is a standard procedure in the field of mastopexy.

    Breast Lift: The inner bra

    Regardless of the incision, a particularly modern method of mastexopia is the ‘inner bra method’. Following this surgical technique, the breast lift involves fixing the mammary gland at various points, similar to the way a tent is set up. You can find out more here.

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    Simulate the new you in 3D

    3D Simulation

    The simulation software developed in 2009 enables you to create three-dimensional online visualizations. In this way, a before-and-after comparison can already be illustrated before the breast lift. This technology is also used to predict results of breast augmentation. Further information about the Crisalix software can be found here:

    Breast lift in Berlin

    Are you interested in a breast lift in Berlin or do you have questions about the costs? Then you are welcome to contact us. At the Sinis Clinic Berlin we will be happy to answer your queries during a consultation. We always carry out the interventions according to the most modern methods and highest quality standards. Our patients come from Germany and abroad. We would also be happy to advise you, please fill out the following contact form or call us at: 030 223 899 08

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