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Liposuction in Berlin

Liposuction, also called lipo, is the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in Germany. Patients sometimes suffer severely from their body shape beforehand and cannot reduce the troublesome pockets of fat through sport and diet. Liposuction is often the only way to achieve an aesthetic body silhouette. Many women have liposuction carried out on their abdomen and hips, also known as saddlebags. However, the number of male patients who want to be slimmer, preferably on the breast, but also on the stomach and in the waist area, is also increasing. Through liposuction, fat is sucked out from the desired parts of the body, so that they become slimmer and the whole body gets more beautiful proportions. Find out here about the operation in our Berlin clinic.

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General Information About Liposuction in Berlin

Liposuction not only creates a more attractive body shape, but also reduces cellulite, as the unsightly dents are also reduced by liposuction. The fatty tissue, especially the fat cells, are sucked out through fine cannulas inserted through the skin. The fat is dissolved by means of a tumescent solution, vibrations or ultrasound. The most commonly used method is the tumescence technique. In this type of liposuction, a mixture of physiological saline solution, local anaesthetics, a vasoconstrictive agent and bicarbonate is injected into the relevant parts of the body. During a 30-minute application period, these substances cause the fat to swell, where dissolves from the rest of the tissue and can be more easily sucked out. The regions to be treated were marked on the patient’s body before the liposuction. The inconspicuous incisions are now made in these regions, it is through these incisions a cannula is inserted to suck out the fatty tissue. The operation in Berlin lasts between one and several hours and is performed under local anaesthesia. This can also be done with twilight sleep if desired, as well as under general anaesthesia for larger liposuctions. After the liposuction, the patient must wear a compression girdle for several weeks, which supports the shaping of the body and counteracts the swelling. The patient can and may move normally immediately after the operation, but sports should be avoided for the first weeks. The final result of the liposuction can be seen after three to six months.

Liposuction – The Facts

Duration of the operation: approx. 1 to several hours
Length of stay in the clinic: 1 day outpatient
Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia/ general anaesthesia
Follow-up treatment: 6 weeks compression goods
Resumption of social activities: after 1 week
Liposuction abdomen

Areas of Liposuction in Berlin

Liposuction on the Face

Many patients find the fat pockets on their face, especially on the cheeks and chin. This can often be a blemish to an otherwise rather slim figure. Since the pockets are usually hereditary, they cannot be reduced by sport and nutrition. The only option is to perform liposuction on the affected areas. Facial liposuction is a demanding procedure, as the layer of fat is usually very thin. It is also important to take into account the anatomical features of the face. Only the superficial fat on the cheeks can be suctioned off in liposuction of the cheeks. A different procedure must be discussed for deeper lying fat. Liposuction on the chin, or the so-called double chin, is also possible. During facial liposuction, slight swelling and bruising may occur, and it is important that a compression bandage is worn for at least one to three weeks after the procedure. In addition, the facial muscles should be spared by avoiding extreme facial expressions and eating easily chewable food. In the first few days painkillers are administered and the swelling is taken care of. If stitches were also sewn during liposuction on the face, the stitches can be removed after one week. However, sport should be avoided for another one to two months….read more

Liposuction Face

Abdomen & Hip Liposuction

The abdomen and hips are among the body regions that are most frequently affected by unsightly fat pockets. Liposuction of the abdomen and hips can help to permanently get rid of the fat in these areas. Diet or exercise only reduce the fat stored in the cells, but the fat cells never disappear completely. It is only possible to reduce the fat cells liposuction of the abdomen and hips. Before the procedure, the affected regions are marked. A tumescent solution is injected into the zones marked on the abdomen and hips. This special solution contains a local anaesthetic and dissolves the fat cells from the connective tissue in the abdomen and hips. A small incision of no more than one centimetre, at an inconspicuous point on the skin, makes it possible to insert the cannula with which the unwanted pockets are sucked out. Thereby focusing on a natural body silhouette. After liposuction, small stitches on the stomach and hips are usually only stuck together with a plaster. Bandages must be worn after the procedure to counteract swelling and scarring. The abdomen and hips may be somewhat tender for a short time. The result of the liposuction of the abdomen and hips will be completely visible after about half a year.….read more

Abdomen & Hip Liposuction

Liposuction on the Arms

Despite a slim figure are your body parts disproportionate? This may be the case, for example, if the arms, especially the upper arms, are too strong compared to the rest of the body. It is mostly hereditary and diet and exercise show little success. This problem can be remedied by liposuction on the arms, especially the upper arms. The excess fat between skin and muscles is sucked out at the arms. The affected body regions are marked before the procedure. The tumescence solution is then injected into the problem areas on the arms. This special solution contains a local anaesthetic. The tumescence solution detaches the fat cells from the connective tissue in the arm, which causes the fat to be sucked out by means of a one to three millimeter thin cannula. The stitches necessary for the cannula are placed at hidden points on the arms so that no traces of the intervention are visible later. After liposuction, these stitches on the arms or upper arms are usually not sutured, but only glued with a plaster. The first positive results of the operation is visible immediately after the procedure, but a healing phase of a few weeks is necessary before the final result is achieved….read more

Liposuction Arm

Liposuction on the Legs & Buttocks

Unsightly fat pockets on the bottom and legs, especially the thighs, often torment women. The fat deposits on the upper-outer side of the thighs are called riding pants. These accumulations of fat cannot be remedied by sports and diet. Liposuction on these areas of the body permanently removes the fat tissue and creates a slim silhouette. Before the procedure, the regions of the buttocks and legs where the excess fatty tissue is to be sucked out are marked. A tumescent solution is injected in these areas. This special solution contains a local anaesthetic and removes the fat cells from the connective tissue. A small incision of no more than one centimetre, at an inconspicuous point on the skin, makes it possible to insert the cannula with which the unwanted pockets are sucked out. For liposuction on the buttocks and riding pants, the incision for the cannula is made in the area of the gluteal fold or the outside of the thigh. Small stitches are usually only stuck together with a plaster after liposuction. After the procedure, the patient must wear special compression garments that reduce swelling and support healing. These also helps to shape the treated body areas into a natural silhouette. The result of liposuction on legs and buttocks are visible on the day after the procedure.….read more

Liposuction Leg & Buttock

XXL Liposuction

General Instructions for XXL Liposuction

How is XXL liposuction performed in Berlin?

When do you see a result with liposuction?

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Liposuction: Experience

Experiences of Liposuction in Berlin

It is important to us that you have only the best experience with your liposuction at the Sinis Clinic for plastic surgery. Choosing us means you will be looked after by a highly professional team of specialists with many years of experience. Read up on our high quality standards and read the testimonials of our patients in the independent portals jameda.de and estheticon.de.

Before and After Effect of Liposuction

The professional Crisalix 3D simulation, helps us to give you an impression before the operation of how your body or certain regions of your body may look after the operation. This technique simulates the treatment, creating a before and after comparison. Based on two-dimensional photos, a very realistic and detailed picture of your new body is constructed. We use this technique as part of a consultation appointment.
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What do I have to pay attention to during liposuction?

What Are the Risks of Liposuction in Berlin?

In addition to general potential side effects of surgical treatment such as bleeding, wound infections and healing disorders as well as excessive scarring, there are also specific risks associated with liposuction. A risk can be irregularities or unsightly dents, which in some cases occur during lipsuction because the skin reacts differently than usual. A further risk is the possible injury caused by the movement of the cannula under the skin. Feelings of numbness or sensory disturbances are possible side effects. Allergic reactions to the narcotics can also occur. Liposuction can be dangerous, especially for overweight patients, as the risk of thrombosis is increased. During a patient consultation at the Sinis Clinic Berlin, we will inform you about possible dangerous complications during liposuction.

Is liposuction painful?

Whether you feel pain during a liposuction in Berlin or whether you notice the treatment depends on whether the liposuction is performed under general or local anaesthesia. Under a general anaesthetic you will not feel anything during the operation, so you will not feel any pain. This form of anaesthesia is especially recommended for larger liposuctions. During liposuction under local anesthesia, you will feel only a prick at the beginning of the operation as with ordinary injections. Depending on the patient’s pain threshold, this sting can also be perceived as a minor pain. However, by freezing the skin in advance, the injection of the anaesthetic is more pleasant. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, the area of the body will be anaesthetised so well that no pain is felt. A few hours after the liposuction, you may experience slight pain that reminds you of a sore muscle. However, this pain is reduced by the administration of painkillers.

When does the swelling disappear after liposuction in Berlin?

Normal and very typical side effects of liposuction include swelling and bruises on the treated body parts. During liposuction, tissue (especially blood and lymph vessels) is inevitably injured, no matter how gently and gently the treatment was performed. This results in haematomas and fluid accumulations, which manifest themselves as bruises and painful swellings. These are similar to impact or pressure injuries. How long the swelling lasts after liposuction varies depending on the patient and the procedure. Usually the swellings have already subsided after 10 days, but at the latest they have disappeared after three to six weeks.

Does liposuction in Berlin leave scars?

The liposuction is performed using cannulas which suck the fat cells from the desired areas of the body. Small incisions are necessary so that these cannulas can be inserted through the skin into the fatty tissue during the operation. However, these incisions are made in places that are as hidden as possible, so there are usually no conspicuous scars left behind. After suction, the puncture sites are usually not sutured, but only treated with a patch. If suturing is necessary for slightly larger stitches, scar treatment should only begin after the stitches have been removed. It is important that after the liposuction, a bodice or compression garment is worn on the affected body parts. This relieves stress on the tissue and reduces the appearance of the scar. We recommend a scar ointment, which is carefully massaged into the scar several times a day. During the first months the scar should be covered by fabric and not be exposed to direct sunlight. Gradually the scar will fade and become finer until it is hardly or no longer visible.

What side effects can occur during liposuction?

Liposuction is a purely aesthetic procedure and being overweight cannot be treated or cured by this. During liposuction, the fat tissue is sucked out at the desired body sites, but the disadvantage is that the remaining fat cells in the body continue to store fat. The patient can also gain weight again after liposuction if he or she has the wrong lifestyle. In the long term, sport and a healthy diet are of great importance for an aesthetic body shape. Even though liposuction is a standard operation in plastic surgery in Berlin, complications and side effects can still occur. This can lead to bleeding, secondary bleeding, infections and severe scarring. The latter can be an aesthetic or even functional disadvantage and cause pain. Swelling, hardening and also skin irregularities can last for a quarter of a year after liposuction. A further risk is the sensation of numbness in the affected areas of the body, but this is completely normal in the first few weeks and usually disappears. Allergic reactions to substances used may also occur. Another side effect can be a disturbance in wound healing, especially if the patient is taking anticoagulant drugs such as aspirin. The drugs should be discontinued a few weeks before the liposuction to avoid this.
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How much does a liposuction in Berlin cost?

The costs for a liposuction cannot be determined in detail in advance. Each patient and each procedure must be considered individually. Aspects such as the personal initial situation, the desired result, the procedure and the extent of the liposuction are decisive for the calculation of the costs. A first personal meeting in our Sinis Clinic Berlin is therefore very important. When considering your operation, we would strongly recommend that you do not put the costs above your health. It is your body that is at stake, which is why you should pay attention to a high quality and professional treatment, even if it may be a little more expensive than supposed bargain offers. Get more information about the prices for liposuction here.

Liposuction at our clinic in Berlin

You would like to have liposuction in Berlin? At the Sinis Clinic Berlin we use the highest quality standards for liposuction of the unwanted fat pockets. We analyse your desired result together, the necessary procedure and the possible risks of your liposuction. You will feel well looked after and completely comfortable with us. Many patients from all over Germany and even from abroad have already decided to have liposuction in our clinic for plastic surgery. We will be happy to conduct a detailed consultation with you. Call us at 030 – 678 281 81. You can use the following form to contact us and make an appointment or make an appointment by telephone.
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