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Fat Removal Costs (liposuction costs)

Determining the exact price for your liposuction in advance, without us having examined you personally and knowing your wishes, would not meet our professional standards. The basis of our work is the individuality of each patient. Therefore the price of liposuction varies from case to case. At our Sinis Clinic Berlin, the personal consultation is therefore the first and important step for your liposuction. We at the Sinis Clinic Berlin respond to your needs, analyse your initial situation and discuss the form of treatment for an aesthetic and realistic surgical result tailored to your needs. These are important measures to determine the costs of your liposuction as accurately as possible in advance.

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Fat Removal Costs:
The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

1 day outpatient


General anaesthesia

Follow-up treatment

6 weeks
compression goods

Resumption of social activities

After 1 week







Costs of Liposuction

This is because the price of liposuction depends on various cost components, which can vary depending on the indication and treatment measure. Among other things, the amount of fatty tissue to be removed and the region of the body to be treated are decisive, as well as the necessary surgical method and the extent of the procedure. The fee and material costs as well as a possible inpatient stay and the treatment after your liposuction also play a role in the total costs. Before your liposuction, you will receive a precise idea of your procedure, the expected surgical result and the costs involved from us. Thanks to our many years of experience, the calculated price we give our patients before liposuction usually differs only minimally from the costs after liposuction.


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Costs and Financing

To understand the cost of liposuction, it is important to know the individual components that make up the total cost. The main criteria for deciding on the cost of liposuction are the amount of fat tissue to be removed, the method required and the region of the body to be treated. Since the detailed and individual consultation is a medical service that is subject to a fee by law, this point is also a component of the price.

The fee of the aesthetic plastic surgeon, the operating team and the operating room make up the highest share of the total costs. These costs vary depending on the difficulty and time required for the liposuction. The form and duration of the anaesthesia (narcosis) are also reflected in the total price. All necessary materials required during liposuction and the healing phase (including medication, compression material, sterile materials) are also included in the costs. Should an overnight stay be necessary or desired by the patient during the liposuction, the costs of the stay will be charged.

All aftercare measures are also included in the total costs. Each composition of the costs is individually tailored to the liposuction of each patient and cannot be transferred to another patient.

In most cases, liposuction is not considered medically necessary, so health insurance companies do not usually cover the costs. However, exceptions are possible: If liposuction is necessary because the excessive accumulation of fatty tissue is a clinical picture (a so-called highly pronounced lipedema), it is possible that some health insurance companies may cover the costs of liposuction. Especially if the disease would progress without liposuction and cannot be cured by any conservative treatment method. In this case, an expert is necessary to clearly show that there is no aesthetic but a medically necessary indication. We will be happy to advise you in the context of your liposuction and with questions regarding your health insurance.

When the decision for liposuction has been made and with it the desire to have the unloved fat deposits on the affected body region removed, patients usually do not want to wait long before the procedure is performed. However, one obstacle can be the costs incurred for liposuction. Financing is often a good solution. Through financing, the money is available within a short period of time and the liposuction can be performed and then paid off in installments. Contact us, we will be happy to give you information about independent financing within the scope of your liposuction.

Costs by Area

In order to determine the costs of your abdominal liposuction, a precise analysis of your initial situation is necessary. There are no all-inclusive prices, as each patient has to be examined individually and the procedure is tailored to the individual. Therefore, the cost of abdominal liposuction also varies from case to case. You can trust us that the approximate value of your costs, which we will give you before your liposuction, will largely correspond with the final invoice amount. We will discuss all the invoice items in detail with you, so that you know exactly how the costs of your abdominal liposuction will be made up.

It is of course very important for the patient to know the costs of facial liposuction before the procedure. A personal interview is therefore necessary. This is the only way we can get an idea of what you hope to achieve with your facial liposuction. We will discuss the procedure of the intervention with you and give you a list of the estimated costs. Please understand that we do not work with all-inclusive prices, as we consider each liposuction very specifically and the costs vary depending on the findings and facial region of the patient.

Die Kosten für eine The costs of liposuction on the thighs cannot be precisely quantified in advance. Many cost items contribute to the total price, which can always vary from patient to patient. For us, the optimal surgical result for your thighs, your satisfaction and the treatment necessary for it are more important than working according to a price catalogue. As soon as all questions regarding your liposuction and the necessary procedure have been clarified, we can calculate a price. As a rule, this guide value for the costs differs only slightly from the final price after liposuction on the thighs.

Would you like to know how much your liposuction in our Sinis Clinic Berlin will cost? Please contact us at 030 – 678 281 81 or write to us using the following contact form. We believe in a transparent cost structure and explain to you each individual cost component in detail as contributes to the total price of your liposuction. As soon as we have analysed your initial situation and your desired result in a personal consultation, we can prepare a cost estimate for your liposuction in our Sinis Clinic Berlin, taking into account a realistic surgical result.


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