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Mommy Makeover

Having a child makes you happy and enriches your life. However, as nice as it is to become a mother, the hormonal changes often change not only everyday life, but also the body. Scientific studies prove that women become pregnant much later than before. In addition, several births seem to be increasingly common again. In our modern, health-conscious society with an enormous focus on nutrition and fitness, the postnatal body shape is of crucial importance for many women. The awareness of the ideal figure is often influenced by the appearance of the body before pregnancy.

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The Mommy Makeover Treatment

In the media, a flat belly is usually representative of good health and firm breasts stand for youth and vitality. A balanced diet and sufficient physical activity do not always lead to the desired reduction in physical changes. For this reason, the expression ‘mommy makeover’ has become established in recent years for operations in the areas mentioned above after pregnancy. Originally from the USA, this field of plastic surgery is now enjoying increasing popularity in this country. Many patients report a significant increase in self-esteem after such operations and feel more attractive and desirable in their role as mothers. A ‘mommy makeover’ surgery can therefore be considered a sensible offer to all mothers whose time and finances do not allow for a complex fitness plan with an associated personal trainer and babysitter. In our private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Berlin, we plan together with you and according to your personal wishes an optimal strategy for your individual ‘mommy makeover’ surgery.

Mommy Makeover – Facts

Duration of surgery: 2 to 6 hours
Length of Stay in the Clinic: 1 day
Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia/ general anaesthesia
Follow-up treatment: 6 weeks compression girdle/compression bra
Resumption of social activities after approx. 14 days

Changes due to pregnancy

Changes in the Body During Pregnancy

During pregnancy the female body changes in many ways. Not all changes are visible even after birth. However, some pregnancy-related changes require a lot of time and active support from the woman in order to return to the original state. Other traces of the birth of the child cannot be reversed (without surgical intervention).

Changes to the Skin

Especially in the third trimester of the pregnancy the pigmentation (colouring) of the skin changes. This change in colour may partially recede or remain as a slight stain. However, the clearly visible stretching of the skin, even after pregnancy is much more decisive. Depending on the body composition, this stretching in varying degrees leads to so-called striae, or typical stretch marks, especially on the stomach, breast and buttocks. The stretching of the skin is caused by the increased cortisol level during pregnancy and leads to thinning and loss of skin elasticity. Occasionally the skin in the area of the vagina tears during the birth process and heals as a strong, sometimes painful scar. These ‘tear scars’ can cause considerable suffering for some women and can of course be surgically corrected to alleviate the discomfort and improve the aesthetic appearance.

Changes in Fat Distribution and the Abdominal Region

During pregnancy there is a massive change in the hormone composition in the maternal blood. This causes the levels of cortisol, estrogen and growth hormones to rise. As a result, the body gains weight and stores fat. While the increase in volume due to the extra fat (and glandular growth) in the breasts is usually not sustainable, it often remains in the abdomen and flanks well beyond pregnancy. The abdominal girth also increases due to an increased weakness of the connective tissue. Due to the increased pressure in the abdominal cavity during pregnancy, the tissue including the abdominal muscles tends to ‘drift apart’. Several other changes in the abdominal region are often of aesthetic relevance: an outwardly pressed navel, an enlarged or even drooping mons veneris or changes due to fat redistribution of adjacent areas, such as ‘bacon rolls’ on either side of the abdomen. To what extent all these changes recede after birth without surgery depends on many different factors. Weak connective tissue and lack of exercise, but also unhealthy nutrition and smoking tend to have an unfavourable influence. But even with the best conditions and exemplary discipline, some women seem to retain diet-resistant fat deposits after pregnancy.

Changes to the Breast

The initial increase in volume in the breasts is mainly due to the hormonally controlled growth of the mammary gland. After breastfeeding, an empty and sagging breast is common. The most prominent remodelling processes of the breast form now manifest themselves in a loss of volume, especially in the upper pole of the breast, increasing ptosis (sagging) of the breast and an enlargement of the areola. The nipples are often pointing downwards and the tightness of the gland is reduced. Due to the sagging of the breasts, many women wear a larger bra after pregnancy than before. Breastfeeding can also change the symmetry of the breasts, so that you feel comfortable in your body again, you should consider a breast enlargement or breast lift.
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The Possibilities of a Mommy Makeover

Plastic Surgery Possibilities

If the above-mentioned traces of pregnancy on your body really do not disappear, a “mommy makeover” operation is definitely a possibility to improve the aesthetic picture. As mentioned above, the expectations of most patients for surgical correction of pregnancy-related changes in the body are greatly influenced by the appearance before pregnancy. In order to get as close as possible to this condition and to achieve an optimal result for you, a detailed preliminary talk is essential. Image comparisons can also be helpful here to prevent misunderstandings. In addition, during our consultation we also offer the possibility of a 3D simulation of different body regions to simulate the possible result of a breast enlargement or liposuction.

Mommy Makeover and Stomach

The primary goal of the postpartum patient (after pregnancy) is in most cases a firm and flat stomach – with as few visible scars as possible and the simultaneous correction of other neighbouring regions. Such a patient also hopes that the waist contour that has become narrower or disappeared as a result of pregnancy will be restored. Depending on the extent of the correction wishes and anatomical requirements, we recommend a large abdominoplasty (abdominoplasty) or a mini-abdominoplasty for such cases. If there is a clear excess of skin and strong fat deposits in the area of the flanks, the incision of the abdominoplasty can be widened if necessary. Significantly slackened connective tissue is tightened, if necessary, by the inner corset. During this procedure, the straight abdominal muscle, which often diverges and is flabby after pregnancy, is brought together in the midline in such a way that it is tightened by a strong seam and the contour of the abdominal wall is waisted like a corset. For optimal contouring of the waist, it is usually recommended to perform supplementary liposuction of the flank areas. The desired ideal ratio of abdominal girth (narrowest part of the waist) to hip girth (height of the pelvic bone) is described as approximately 1:1.5.

Mommy Makeover on the Breast

After corrective surgery on the abdomen, the breasts are the second major area of ‘mommy makeover surgery’. Depending on the individual findings, no general recommendation for a specific operation can be made here either. The most common procedures are breast enlargements, breast lifts, breast reductions or implant changes. As a general rule, for every breast surgery, the more tissue that has sagged, the greater the extent of the surgery. In a detailed consultation in our private clinic, you will find out which treatments are most likely to be successful for you

Mommy Makeover and Private Parts

Operations in the genital area are a very sensitive subject and certainly require an enormous relationship of trust between the patient and the plastic surgeon. In addition to the already mentioned corrections of ‘tear scars’ caused by the birth process, intimate surgery includes some operations of predominantly aesthetic importance. A fulfilled sexuality despite motherhood should not be a taboo subject and a satisfying partnership should not be backgrounded. The aims of ‘mommy makeover’ surgery in the genital area are varied and always adapted to the needs of the patient. Typical consequences of pregnancy are a stretched and enlarged vagina and sagging labia. The return to the pre-birth condition can vary greatly, making surgical intervention a quick and safe option for certain patients. We would be happy to inform you about the various minimally invasive procedures of intimate surgery as well as techniques of labiaplasty (labia minora correction) in our private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Berlin.

A Combination of Several Operations

In principle, different procedures can be safely and successfully combined with each other in order to synergistically increase the surgical improvement of the body contour. A combination operation can even be advantageous, especially with regard to the shorter recovery time. Although scientific studies have generally not been able to show higher complication rates due to the combination, we still recommend discussing possible risks in a detailed consultation. Most often our patients opt for liposuction, abdominoplasty and a breast lift, but you can also get the dream body back through other procedures. Therefore, we take the time to respond to you and your personal goals. Consulting takes time, which we are happy to make available to you.
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Further Information

When is the optimal time?

The ideal time to perform a ‘mommy makeover’ operation is, from a medical point of view, after the return to the physiological hormone levels of the woman following pregnancy at the earliest. This point is reached about six weeks after weaning. In addition to biological considerations, the burden of maternal responsibilities should not be underestimated. As wonderful as the joys of motherhood are, the change in everyday life should already have become routine before an additional stress factor is tackled by the operation.

Mommy Makeover: what can I expect?

The extent and type of treatment in ‘mommy makeover’ surgery can vary greatly. Therefore we ask you to take the detailed information for the post-treatment from the respective subitems of our website. However, the procedure immediately following the operation is the same for all the different procedures. You will wake up in the patient’s bed and will notice a dressing on the surgical site and drainage tubes from the wound area. The number of drains and how long they should drain wound water from the body depends on the procedure. The postoperative routine also includes continuous monitoring by our experienced anaesthesia department. Blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation are constantly monitored for about two to three hours. During this time you will notice the ‘beeping’ of the machines. You should confine yourself to bed rest until the morning after the operation. At this point, a doctor’s visit takes place as standard and you can usually be discharged to your home environment. This is followed by regular wound and findings checks in our private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery.
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Cost of the Initial Consultation

The ideal time to perform a ‘mommy makeover’ operation is, from a medical point of view, after the return to the physiological hormone levels of the woman following pregnancy at the earliest. This point is reached about six weeks after weaning. In addition to biological considerations, the burden of maternal responsibilities should not be underestimated. As wonderful as the joys of motherhood are, the change in everyday life should already have become routine before an additional stress factor is tackled by the operation.

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