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    Lip Injections in Berlin

    Whether Marylin Monroe, Brigitte Bardot or Julia Roberts – these great style icons combine one thing above all, full lips and a radiant smile. Beautiful and plump lips are a symbol of eroticism, sensuality and femininity and belong to the beauty ideal of many women. But not every woman in Berlin is blessed with full lips and such a smile. This can be due to the genetic make-up as well as to a decreasing lip volume, which, just like the tissue of the cheeks, loses its volume and firmness with increasing age, depending on the individual.

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    General Information about Lip Correction

    This natural process can only be counteracted to a limited extent with conservative measures. However, by means of a lip correction, expressive and full lips can be achieved with a minor intervention. On this page you can find out exactly how a lip injection is performed in Berlin and which methods can be used to enlarge the lips.

    Lip Correction – The Facts

    Duration of the operation: approx. 1 hour
    Length of stay in the clinic: outpatient
    Anaesthesia: depending on the procedure local anaesthesia or sedation, on request also general anaesthesia
    After Treatment: local cooling
    Resumption of Social Activities: after a few hours to a few days (depending on the procedure)

    lip injection berlin sinis

    Types of Lip Correction

    Lips Procedures Using Hyaluronic Acid

    Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is a classic treatment in the field of lip correction. It is the simplest type of lip augmentation. The use of the body’s own substance hyaluronic acid is very well proven in this area. At the SINIS KLINIK BERLIN, we work exclusively with product providers from the premium segment in order to achieve the most long-lasting and beautiful results for patients. The hyaluronic acid is injected into the lip with very fine cannulas at different points. In this way, a very even plumping is achieved. However, the result is temporarily limited to six to twelve months, as hyaluronic acid is broken down by the body after some time.

    Lips Procedures Using Hyaluronic Acid

    Lip Injections with the Patient’s Own Fat

    The use of autologous fat in the form of lipotransfer is also a sensible and worthwhile alternative to filling with hyaluronic acid or silicone. The advantage here is the possibility of self-transfer. This means that during liposuction, excess fatty tissue is collected and the lips are injected with autologous fat via reverse grafting. This method allows for a slightly longer-lasting result, as the injected autologous fat cells cannot be broken down once they have grown. However, since not all cells can grow, “overcorrection” is often done deliberately. The final result will be seen about six weeks after the treatment. Read more about lip spraying with own fat here.

    lip injection with patients own fat

    Lip Injections with Silicone

    Silicone is a substance that is not broken down by the body. The lips can also be injected with silicone. A local anaesthetic is used for this. First, a small incision is made in the corner of the mouth. The implant is then inserted with the help of a small tube and a special needle. As a result, the lip takes on the desired size and appearance. The advantage of silicone is the fact that the lip volume remains permanent. However, the costs for lips filled with silicone are usually higher. In addition, when lip correction is treated with silicone, there is a small but present risk of foreign body reactions such as bulging skin thickening.

    Lip Injections with Silicone

    Lip Correction Procedure

    Lip Injections: duration and anaesthesia

    The aim of a lip injection is to achieve a curved shape and fullness of the lips, which appears ‘unoperated’ and natural and harmonizes with the face. Before the actual treatment, we define the individual wishes and goals of the treatment together with our patients in a personal consultation at the Sinis Clinic Berlin. We also provide comprehensive information about possible side effects and risks here. Depending on the technique and choice of substance, the duration of the lip correction in Berlin varies. This is normally between 20 and 60 minutes. In this case, the lips are not injected without anaesthesia. A general anaesthetic is not necessary in most cases. Nevertheless, the treated regions are locally anaesthetised during lip injection. There are three particularly common methods of lip correction: lip correction with hyaluronic acid, lip augmentation with autologous fat and lip augmentation with silicone.

    How long does the swelling last when I inject the lips?

    Many patients ask themselves the question before the treatment: Is lip injection painful? Thanks to the local anaesthetic, lip correction is hardly associated with pain. There are also rare side effects worth mentioning: During the procedure the lips usually swell. However, the swelling usually disappears after 24 to 48 hours. Bruises in the mouth area are also normal but completely harmless after-effects. Numbness can also occur, but this can disappear after some time and in very rare cases the lip tissue can react with allergic defence reactions. Should this happen, we can give you concrete advice on how to alleviate the symptoms in our Berlin clinic. The risks involved in lip spraying are manageable. However, if you put yourself in the hands of less experienced doctors, the risk increases that the chosen material will be inserted incorrectly and asymmetries, such as an upper or lower lip that is too small or too large, will occur. These can usually be corrected afterwards. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you always consult a very experienced doctor.
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    Experience with lip injections at Prof. Dr. Sinis in Berlin

    Lip Injections: How long does that last?

    When it comes to the question of how long a lip augmentation lasts and how often the lips have to be injected, it is difficult to give precise information – because every patient is different. The materials used also influence how long the result lasts. Treatment with hyaluronic acid can be expected to be effective for about six to twelve months. A permanent lip augmentation can be achieved by an injection of the patient’s own fat or by a silicone implant.

    Lip Injections: Before and after and experiences

    The before and after effect after a lip correction is quickly visible and gives most of our patients a new attitude to life. The experience they report after lip spraying is an increased self-confidence and a satisfied look in the mirror.

    Advantages of lip injections in Berlin

    The most important and biggest advantage of lip injections in Berlin is obvious: a gentle, almost painless and short treatment allows for great results. The excellent tolerance of our modern fillers also makes lip injections a safe procedure. Through the precise placement of the fine injection needles, an exact definition of the lips can be achieved, which corresponds exactly to your ideas and wishes.The following effects can be mentioned as further advantages of lip injections: Lip injections give you a natural look, create volume and define the lip contour, improving both the proportions and symmetry of the upper and lower lips. Lip injections also smooth wrinkles above the lip and lift the corners of the mouth, so you will look more natural and youthful.

    However, within a few months after treatment and depending on the filler material, the body will break down the injected materials and the lips will return to their original shape. If you are not satisfied with this or would like further corrections, this can easily be implemented in another procedure.

    Precaution before lip correction

    Lip correction is a comparatively uncomplicated treatment that requires no special preparation and is associated with relatively few risks.Nevertheless, as part of the preparation for a lip injection, you should consider some aspects and exchange detailed information with your doctor. Thus, the individual technique and the right method will be determined for each patient. In addition, the anesthesia procedure (if necessary) and any costs incurred will be discussed in detail. If collagen is used as a filler, it is essential that an allergy test is carried out before treatment to check the compatibility of the material (this is not necessary with autologous fat and hyaluronic acid). Of course, you can always express your ideas, share concerns and ask questions that may be bothering you.

    In addition, your own behavior before the treatment also makes a significant contribution to rapid healing. You should avoid nicotine as much as possible for about two weeks before the treatment in order to improve the oxygen supply to the skin and thus accelerate wound healing. You should refrain from taking painkillers, especially acetylsalicylic acid or other antipyretic drugs, rheumatism medications, and also high-dose vitamin E during this period, as they negatively affect blood clotting. For the same reason, it is also advisable to avoid sleeping pills and alcoholic drinks. If you have caught a cold or even a mouth or lip infection in the meantime, the treatment must be postponed.

    What reasons can there be for surgery?

    Even in ancient times, women with full lips were considered particularly beautiful. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with voluminous, sensual lips. In fact, quite the opposite! In fact, only very few people possess truly full lips by nature. Various cosmetic products can visually compensate for small deficiencies, but the desired ideal is hardly likely to be achieved. In addition, accidents, injuries, illnesses or congenital asymmetries in the face can have a negative effect on the well-being of those affected. In addition, over time, the corners of the mouth may droop and narrow lips may become more prominent as the resilience and elasticity of the facial skin are lost in the course of the natural aging process. Moreover, additional small wrinkles often appear around the lips.According to surveys, the most common reasons for lip injections are lips that are too flat, too narrow, and asymmetrically shaped. In these cases, a well-executed lip injection or lip correction can bring the lips into the desired and natural-looking shape and thus lead to more satisfaction as well as an increased sense of well-being.

    Aftercare after lip injections

    Lip injections are considered to be a minor treatment, usually without complications, and hardly any pain is to be expected. However, in rare cases, injections with foreign materials can lead to infections or allergic reactions. Therefore, an allergy test before the procedure is essential in the case of collagen-containing filling substances. In very rare cases, it can lead to rejection reactions. Despite good tolerance, the lips may be sensitive or feel numb in the first days after the treatment, as the lip skin itself is very thin and sensitive. Therefore, you should expect swelling or possibly bruising for a few days after the treatment. After the lip injection, you may also experience a slight feeling of tightness in the initial period.Considering these side effects, you should follow a few steps as aftercare to support wound healing and speed up the resolution of symptoms. Immediately following treatment, cooling the affected areas with cold pads or compresses is recommended. In addition, elevating the head and avoiding exaggerated facial expressions is beneficial to keep the irritated tissue calm. You should not touch your mouth with your hands for the first few days after lip injections. Also, no lip balm or other creams should be used at this time. Kissing and hot drinks such as coffee or tea are also taboo. In addition, you should avoid sun exposure (solarium) and sauna for about two weeks. It should also be noted that for a short period of time there may be impairments in speaking, drinking and chewing (although this is extremely rare). A straw can be used to help absorb liquids. By the way, you should drink a lot after hyaluronic acid treatment. On the day of the treatment you should refrain from sports. However, this is usually possible the next day, of course, if injuries to the lips can be excluded (i.e. no soccer, tennis, boxing or the like).

    Do you have to follow certain rules after the operation?

    The lips are cooled in the aftercare. The patient can normally return to work or daily routine shortly after the lip correction. The local anaesthesia lasts about one hour, similar to the anaesthesia used for dental treatment. Depending on the procedure, the patient is able to resume social activities again within a few hours or days after the lip correction. The aftercare after lip injections is of course very important. We recommend that you refrain from sports, sauna and solarium as well as smoking for a few days after the procedure and take it easy. Special follow-up treatment after lip injections – such as removing stitches or the like – is not necessary, with the exception of lip correction with autologous fat.
    Consultation Appointment

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    Costs of Lip Injections in Sinis Clinic Berlin

    Lip Injections – The Costs

    At the Sinis Clinic Berlin we treat each of our patients individually. Therefore, we do not offer all-inclusive prices. Instead, the cost of lip correction may vary depending on personal needs. We would be happy to provide you with an individual cost estimate after the first consultation.

    Lip Injections in Berlin

    We are Berlin specialists for lip injections and other aesthetic surgical procedures. So let us advise you with our expertise. From the first consultation, the choice of material and the procedure to the aftercare, we are always at your side, giving you detailed and individual information on the subject of lip injections and advising you on the costs and financing. Arrange your individual appointment today: Call us at 030 92 10 81 75 58 or simply fill out our contact form.

    How much do hyaluronic acid lips cost?

    Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact sum for lip injections with hyaluronic acid, as the circumstances vary for each individual treatment and for each patient. As a rule, the costs can range from about 300 to 500 euros. How expensive the treatment will be in the end depends mainly on the amount of hyaluronic acid used.

    Prices of hyaluronic acid lips you can expect

    Since this is a purely aesthetic treatment, you will usually have to cover the costs of lip correction yourself. The price for lip injections is around 300 to 600 euros. However, if the patient’s own fat is injected, the cost can be between 1000 and 1500 Euros for the initial treatment, since the patient’s own fat must be removed and prepared beforehand. For follow-up treatments, about 250 to 350 euros can be charged.The costs for the underlaying with tissue or plastic materials can amount to about 1000 to 1500 Euros. For the lip lift, about 700 to 1500 euros can be expected.

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    Using the ‘Hello Professor!’ function, you can directly forward your questions or images to Professor Sinis via WhatsApp.

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