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    Facelift Costs

    The costs for a facelift depend on many details. We cannot give you a set price for your facelift in advance. Just like every plastic-aesthetic clinic, which works professionally and according to high quality standards, we also see the individuality of the patient as our first priority. A personal consultation to determine the costs of a facelift is therefore absolutely necessary in advance. The different lifting methods also entail different prices, but you should always decide on the facelift that is best for you and not just in terms of cost.

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    Costs of a Facelift

    In the following we would like to describe the methods in more detail. We mainly work with the methods Mini Facelift, SMAS Facelift, MACS Lifting or entirely without surgical intervention. In a personal consultation we will determine the optimal form of treatment together with you and draw up a personal treatment and cost plan.

    Hyaluronic Acid – The Facts

    Duration of the operation: approx. 3 to 4 hours
    Length of stay in the clinic: 1 night
    Anaesthesia: general or local anaesthesia in twilight sleep
    Follow-up treatment: decongestant measures for 2 – 3 days
    Resumption of social activities after approx. 14 days, depending on extent & additional interventions

    Cost by Type of Facelift

    Mini Facelift Costs

    The costs for a small facelift are usually significantly lower than for other facelifts, such as the SMAS Lift. Since the procedure is often less time-consuming and less extensive in a mini-lifting, and since a shorter follow-up treatment is necessary, the costs are usually lower. In order to be able to estimate the exact costs of your mini facelift, it is important to get to know your personal needs. The decisive factor is the extent to which the skin needs to be tightened in order to achieve an optimal result. In the case of a mini facelift, it is not unusual to combine the lift with an additional treatment, such as an eyelid lift. Such additional interventions are not unusual, but costs are extra.

    SMAS Costs

    The costs of a SMAS facelift are slightly higher compared to other lifting methods. The prices are based on the special SMAS technique and the longer duration of the operation. In addition, the lifting result is very long-lasting, so that patients can enjoy a rejuvenated and natural appearance for many years. In order to be able to determine the exact price for your SMAS Lift, it is important to get to know you in advance at our Sinis Clinic Berlin. Several factors, such as your initial situation, the amount of excess skin to be removed and the desired result, are decisive for the cost of your SMAS facelift.

    MACS Costs

    Many criteria play a major role in determining the cost of your MACS lift. The age of the patient or the advanced aging process, i.e. the level lifting and removal of excess skin is required, is important information in determining the cost of your MACS lift. The desired result of the patient must also be taken into account. We always pay attention to a natural and realistic appearance. During a personal consultation, we analyse all important factors in order to determine the costs of your MACS lift as accurately as possible in advance.

    Face Lift Without Surgery

    A facelift without an operation can be somewhat cheaper in price than the lifting methods with a scalpel. A shorter duration of treatment, a less extensive procedure and a shorter follow-up treatment justify the lower costs of a thread lift. In order to determine the exact price for your thread lift, it is necessary to get to know your personal needs. This enables us to analyse your initial findings, your desired result, and determine whether a facelift without surgery is the best method for you, regardless of the cost.
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    How High are the Costs For a Facelift in Comparison to Elsewhere in Berlin/Germany? In February 2017, the medical portal www.qunomedical.com analyzed the prices for a facelift in Germany as part of a study. Around 200 providers in the thirteen largest cities were examined. It was found that the facelift costs are highest in Berlin, followed by Cologne and Hamburg. According to the medical portal, there are differences throughout Germany that can account for up to a quarter of the total price for a facelift. Even if the prices in Berlin for a facelift are the highest, what counts in the end is the professional work of highly qualified doctors, who give you a good feeling and confidence and give you a beautiful, natural appearance, with which you feel completely comfortable.

    Facelifting Berlin costs

    The costs for a facelift in our Sinis Clinic Berlin cannot be calculated as a fixed rate. They vary from case to case. Our costs for a facelift are very similar to other plastic-aesthetic clinics in Berlin. During a consultation in our Sinis Clinic, we will explain the ideal procedure to achieve the best possible result for you. The costs for a facelift vary depending on the initial situation and the type of treatment. Since cost transparency is very important to us, we will explain to you in detail which cost components a facelift consists of in your individual case.
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