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    Facelift in Berlin

    A facelift or facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens the face’s skin. This effect is achieved by smoothing the skin and underlying tissues and stitching them in such a way that a natural appearance is created without tension of the facial skin. Excess skin is removed. In this way the unloved wrinkles disappear permanently and the patient gets a younger and fresher appearance. In order to tighten the facial skin, we have various methods at our disposal at the Sinis Clinic in Berlin, such as the thread lift, the SMAS and MACS lift and the Mini Face Lift. The aim of all procedures is to create a rejuvenated and at the same time natural appearance in the long run.

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    General Information about Facelifts in Berlin

    Depending on the initial situation and the patient’s wishes, the consultation in Berlin before the procedure will analyse which facelifting method is most ideal for the patient and promises the greatest lifting success. Due to the natural aging process, the skin loses elasticity and resilience. Especially the fine facial skin is exposed to many environmental influences which influence the formation of wrinkles and the sagging of the tissue. A facelift can counteract the aging process of the skin. In contrast to injections and cosmetic treatments, facelifts are a long-lasting and effective method in plastic surgery. The face lift usually has no medical necessity. However, in many cases patients report a long suffering before the procedure. Excess skin and an increased formation of wrinkles in the facial area impair the external appearance and therefore the positive attitude to life of many patients. A facelift can change this and improve the quality of life for the patient.

    For whom is a face lift suitable?

    The traces of the aging process often become visible prematurely, especially in the face, and are very difficult to conceal. Especially for active, young-at-heart people, this can cause psychological problems, as they may no longer be able to identify with their appearance. A facelift can remedy this and reduce the discrepancy between how one feels on the inside and how one looks in the mirror. The procedure is suitable for both women and men from around the age of 50, as it can lift even very sagging areas of skin and smooth deep wrinkles – which usually do not appear before the age of 50. Therefore, anyone who would like to reduce pronounced signs of aging and refresh their appearance can take advantage of a facelift.

    Facelift – The Facts

    Duration of the operation: approx. 3 to 4 hours
    Length of stay in the clinic: 1 night
    Anaesthesia: general or local anaesthesia in twilight sleep
    Follow-up treatment: decongestant measures for 2 – 3 days
    Resumption of social activities: after approx. 14 days, depending on extent & additional interventions

    facelift berlin

    Types of Facelift in Sinis Clinic Berlin

    Thread Lifting

    Suture lifting is the only method of face lifting that is performed without a scalpel. The name thread lifting comes from the special threads that are used in this lifting and which are responsible for a smooth and beautiful face. The threads are guided under the facial skin with a very fine needle. Since the threads are equipped with small hooks, they attach themselves to the subcutaneous fat tissue. The face can now be carefully shaped and tightened by moving the threads. Due to the special composition and the firm anchoring, the threads can neither change their position nor break. After some time the organism converts the threads into natural collagen. The facial skin shines young and fresh, as if time had been turned back in time. The thread lift is less extensive and less stressful than other lifting treatments, making it suitable for many patients

    thread lifting

    Mini Facelift

    The Mini Face Lift, also called Minilift, is a very gentle treatment for tightening the skin of the face. A local anaesthetic is sufficient for this small operation, which is usually performed on an outpatient basis. The Mini Face Lift is highly suitable for patients who complain about a tired and stressed facial expression and suffer from the advanced signs of aging. The Mini Face Lift is also the ideal form of treatment for patients who are generally afraid of surgery. The mini-lifting achieves a fresh and rejuvenated facial expression without the patient losing any of their naturalness. Especially for wrinkles around the corners of the mouth and neck, the Minilift is the right solution. The area of the face to be tightened is lifted and lifted. With a Mini Face Lift, the necessary incision is hidden in the natural crease in front and behind the ear

    mini facelift

    SMAS Lifting

    The SMAS Lifting, stands for a special technique with which the face lift is carried out. The definition of SMAS is the English meaning Superficial Muscular Aponeurosis System (in plain English: lower skin layer of muscle and connective tissue). With SMAS Facelift, in addition to the wrinkled skin, the underlying musculature is also tightened. This results in a very natural appearance, which the patient can enjoy for a very long time. SMAS Lifting is usually the right form of treatment for patients whose wrinkles are already very deep.

    SMAS Lifting

    MACS Lifting

    The four letters MACS denote the English, medical term: Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (in plain English: a small incision and upwards movement of sagging parts). During MACS facelift, the face is tightened through minimal incisions, in front of the ear and at the base of the hair. The treatment range of the MACS Lift is not quite as large as that of a SMAS Lift. However, the MACS facelift is more suitable for patients whose skin does not yet show such large signs of aging. In these cases, MACS Facelift achieves a particularly good result.

    macs lifting

    Face Lift Procedure in Berlin

    Which technique is the right one for me?

    Whether Soft-Lift, MACS-Lift, a pure skin lift or the SMAS-Lift: The choice of the right technique is individual for each patient. In the following video, Prof. Dr. Sinis explains to you which procedures are available in his clinic in Dahlem, Berlin and which one is best suited for you.

    How Long is the Healing Phase After a Facelift in Berlin?

    A professional and thorough follow-up treatment is of great importance for the success of a facelift. The patient can contribute a great deal to the rapid healing process through their own behaviour. Above all, rest and relaxation are very important after the facelift and serve to aid optimal healing. Even if the curiosity is great, dressings should generally not be removed independently. The dressings are regularly checked as part of the after-treatment. After a facelift, the skin is taut and may feel numb. The swelling caused by the facelift is particularly pronounced in the days immediately after the procedure. How long the swelling lasts after a facelift varies from patient to patient. Regular cooling should reduce the swelling and bruising after two to three weeks. In general, the following applies in the context of post-treatment: Do not expose the skin to sunlight, do not use creams, ointments or make-up and avoid physical exertion. Blood-thinning medication and cigarettes should also be avoided. Taking all these aspects into account during the follow-up treatment, the beautiful result of the facelift will be visible very soon and for a long time.

    Liquid facelift in Berlin

    The loss of volume in the face is one of the fundamental causes of facial aging, as a result of which the skin on the face is no longer sufficiently stretched: The face literally sags, wrinkles deepen and you get “sagging cheeks”. This is where the liquid facelift, also known as an 8-point lift, can provide relief. Of course, the treatment does not always include all eight points, but is always individually adapted to each face. For patients with moderately pronounced signs of aging, the method is an excellent alternative to a surgical face lift. Liquid facelift uses a long-acting, highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid in small amounts, which gives a natural look with an additional lifting effect. The treatment effect can last up to one and a half years, and it is advisable to repeat the treatment after eight to twelve months.

    Consultation Appointment

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    Experience of patients / Before & After

    Facelifts in Berlin: Patient Experiences

    Reports from our patients on their experiences with a facelift at the Sinis Clinic Berlin are regularly posted online on the Jameda and estheticon.de portals. We are very happy about the many positive experiences and have also published these reports on our website.

    Before & After effect of a facelift with 3D simulation

    Since a facelift is an operation in the facial area, which is considered to be the most sensitive region of the body, a comprehensive consultation in advance is absolutely necessary. In the course of a personal consultation, the question repeatedly arises as to what before-and-after effect the facelift will have on the face of the respective patient. Our experience has shown that images with before and after photos of comparable procedures of other patients or 3D simulations can answer this question. In order to make the before and after effect as clear as possible for you and your face lift, we will discuss you and your desired result in our consultation.

    Preparation for facelift in Berlin

    As part of the preparation for a facelift, you should consider some aspects and exchange detailed information with your doctor. First of all, some consultations as well as preliminary examinations are essential, during which both the treatment method and the type of anesthesia will be determined. In addition to the extent of the procedure, your personal preferences will also be determined. Furthermore, it is extremely important that you inform us regarding your medical history in order to avoid possible complications during anesthesia: Whether you have any drug intolerances or allergies? Have you already undergone surgery? Are there any acute or chronic illnesses? Do you need to take medication regularly?

    Once all the necessary information has been gathered and questions clarified, you will then be given comprehensive information about possible methods of facelifting and their procedures. You will also learn about alternative treatment options such as lipofilling or other wrinkle treatments. In addition, the anesthesia procedure, the stay in the clinic and any costs incurred will be discussed in detail. You can, of course, mention your concerns and fears at any time and ask any questions that may be bothering you.

    In addition, your own responsible behavior prior to the procedure will make a significant contribution to the smooth running of the operation. About two weeks before the operation, it is advisable to refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages as much as possible. The same applies to blood-thinning medication, vaccinations, painkillers or sleeping pills. It would also make sense to start with alternating showers and continue them after the operation – this improves your body’s blood supply and thus promotes faster wound healing. On the day of surgery, wash your face thoroughly with soap and water and do not use any cream.

    Aftercare after facelift

    At the end of the facelift surgery, two drains are usually inserted, which are removed on the first or second day. The postoperative stay in the clinic can vary according to the extent of the procedure: outpatient, inpatient or in a day clinic. As a rule, even after major surgery, you can leave the clinic on the third or fourth day. During the first five to seven days after the operation, you will wear a special face or head bandage. During this time, we recommend absolute rest, as bruising, swelling and pain are unavoidable after such an operation, but experience shows that these will subside completely after a few days. Sometimes asymmetry may occur temporarily due to the irritation of the facial nerve. For at least two weeks, you should sleep exclusively on your back with your head elevated. You should also avoid exertion that increases blood pressure, such as bending over, lifting weights, pressing during bowel movements, and blowing your nose.

    As a rule, you will be able to wash your face and hair as usual after about ten to twelve days. At the latest two weeks after the facelift you will normally be socially acceptable again. As before, you should refrain completely from smoking, taking alcohol and painkillers, taking alternating showers and avoiding direct sunlight during the first month after the operation. Sports activities or other physical exertion should be increased only very slowly in order not to overstretch the treated skin areas. These will remain reddish in color for some time after the operation, but can be concealed with cover-up make-up – until they slowly disappear completely. You will only be able to see the final result after a few weeks.

    Consultation Appointment

    Do you have any questions or would you like to make an appointment? Give us a call!

    Risks & Costs of Facelift in Berlin

    What are the risks of a face lift?

    Like every operation, a facelift also involves certain risks. It is therefore very important that we have an intensive consultation with the patient before the procedure. Depending on the patient’s findings, we carefully examine which facelift procedure will produce the most beautiful result. As a result, possible risks and side effects associated with the respective facelifting method are also discussed. Some of these treatments carry more risks than others and even if some of them are rather unlikely or harmless or well treatable, it is important to inform the patient in detail. Allergic reactions and intolerances are determined in advance, so that this type of risk can be excluded beforehand. Normal accompanying symptoms, which can manifest themselves differently depending on the patient, are swelling and bruising. Very rarely, slight itching or pressure sensitivity of the skin occurs after a facelift, which disappears completely within a few days. Possible risks that the surgical procedure for a facelift may entail are bleeding, secondary bleeding, circulatory disorders, infections, wound healing disorders or even sensitivity disorders of the skin. The general risks include the danger of thrombosis, which basically exists with every operation, and the worsening of an already existing, possibly as yet unknown, disease. Information must also be provided in advance about the loss of facial nerves as a possible risk. If smaller branches are affected, nerve function usually regenerates within two to three months. A numb feeling in the first days after the operation is completely normal. In general, it is important to follow certain behaviour patterns after a facelift to avoid possible risks and to positively influence the healing process. In the first few days, the facial expressions should be used as little as possible and swellings should be cooled. Physical exertion should generally be avoided, as should saunas, swimming pools and sunlight. If all the instructions are followed, the patient is completely ready to resume social activities again within a few days and can look forward to a beautiful result. Possible scars are well hidden due to the incision technique used, and depending on the facelift method, may fade or even disappear after a certain period of time. In the rarest cases, the scars can proliferate excessively if the person is predisposed to it.….read more

    Do scars remain after facelift?

    Facelift is an effective method to restore facial contours. However, it is a surgical procedure, requiring skin incisions, which in turn leave scars. That is why the incisions are made invisible if possible – they usually run along the hairline and ears. The scars usually remain inconspicuous, but they cannot be completely avoided. In addition, wound healing (and thus scarring) is significantly influenced by one’s own behavior. How the sutures should be treated in the first, post-operative days will be explained in detail during the consultation. Above all, physical exertion should be minimized, otherwise the sutures will be covered. As a result, the edges of the wound move away from each other and visible scars may form.

    How Much Does a Facelift in Berlin Cost?

    Various factors play a role in the cost of a facelift. The personal findings, the desired result as well as the optimal lifting method are decisive in determining the costs. In a personal meeting at the Sinis Clinic Berlin, we will analyze these points together with you. We can then give you a non-binding cost estimate for your facelift. Experience has shown that the costs calculated in advance only differ very slightly from the final price. Even though some lifting methods are cheaper than others, you should not decide only on the basis of cost.

    How much does a thread lift in Berlin cost?

    Each thread lift is very individual, as each facial area requires individual treatment. Accordingly, the treatment costs incurred are also very different. These already start at about 500 euros and can amount to several thousand euros. The exact prices differ depending on the part of the face to be treated and the number and quality of the threads used.

    How expensive is a neck lift in Berlin?

    It is not possible to give an exact price here as a general rule, since the prerequisites are different for each type of neck lift as well as for each individual procedure. Therefore, detailed consultations are indispensable, during which an individual treatment plan is worked out and the costs incurred are determined. The total cost of a skin tightening in the neck region starts at about 800 euros.

    Your Facelift in Berlin in our Practice

    At the Sinis Clinic in Berlin-Dahlem you and your wishes for a facelift are in the right hands. We provide you with comprehensive and professional advice in advance, weigh up the risks with you and choose the right form of treatment for you to achieve a beautiful, natural result. We are pleased that in addition to the Berlin area and the whole of Germany, we are also able to welcome more patients from abroad. If you too would like to correct your unloved wrinkles and sagging facial areas with a facelift, then call us on 030 – 22 38 99 08 and make an appointment for a personal meeting. You can also reach us via the contact form to get in touch with us for your facelift:
    Online Consultation Hours

    Using the ‘Hello Professor!’ function, you can directly forward your questions or images to Professor Sinis via WhatsApp.

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