Cup E, F or G? Women with this breast OLS contend e h ä frequently with their fate. The symbol of femininity is so omnipresent in these women like rtig that not look a little m ö is possible.

In my private practice f u r Plastic Ä aesthetic surgery in Berlin I have often represent me an impression above about making k ö can how much these women under their ü bergro ß suffer s chest. Many patients report a psychological burden that accompanies them throughout their lives. Besides the visual aspects, there are often medical Gr ü hands why women to breast reduction do decide ß s. Strong R u cken- or shoulder pain is often a painful side effect in women who have a large ß demonstrate e bust. A Kr äEMPLOYMENT muscles and wearing sports bras here can indeed help, but in the rarest F ä cases there is a complete relief.

The L ö solution can be a breast reduction. In this procedure, the skin of the breast and the breast tissue are reduced. The first usually has a conversation like ch in our private practice f u r Plastic Ä aesthetic surgery in Berlin. We are trying an accurate picture of the W ü nschen the patient to make and kl ä also reindeer is above about on whether desire and implementation correspond with each other. The overall constitution of the patient played by a large ß s role. From our langj ä year’s experience, we know that many women bef üfear that the chest has become too small after surgery.

Three methods we apply to a breast reduction durchzuf ü lead. We distinguish between a T-intersection, a vertical section and a circular plasmid ä ren cut. In the T-average method is used for breast reduction is a section wt ä hlt which attaches below the areola and to the inframammary f ü hrt. The formed here section resembling an inverted T. This method is in particularly voluminous ö sen Br ü applied most since a large here ß it part of Dr ü sengewebes can be removed. To ück remains a scar, which is located in the area of ​​the breast fold.

If the above Berschneider ü ssige tissue removed with a vertical section, the section from the areola sets and travels from there vertically downwards. The horizontal section is thus not n ö tig. The resulting skin with this method above sea surplus is simply a gathering seam vern like ht. The background is that the skin of its nat u should use NATURAL tendency to shrink to be for u ckzubilden. A disadvantage of this Verfahrrens (Lejour method) is that of the above ckgebliebene skin üexcess in the reshaping of the breast can be a hindrance. In addition, it can take up to half a year for the healing process to be completed.

Women who have comparatively little above Bersch above must be removed FLOWING breast tissue are, with the circular plasmid like good advice reindeer section. This method rebacked like sst few scars. The reason daf u r is that the cut circular plasmid ä r to Brustdr u se laughed like runs and thus little further tissue is cut.

No matter f u r what method, the patient decides the subsequent ß aftertreatment requires patience and time.

H ä frequently tell patients after breast reduction of wound pain, but they are good to bear with the help of painkillers. So that no Wundfl ü reliability or secretions accumulate, a drain is placed, which can be pulled back after several days. A medical B ü BRA should st in the first three weeks ä ndiger companion be. Sport and sleeping on your stomach should include in the n ä be avoided next week. The swelling on the chest may last for several days or even weeks until the tissue has calmed down.

To learn more w ü nschen or questions on the subject of breast surgery have, I am happy when you see me in my private practice f u r Plastic Ä visit Aesthetic Surgery in Berlin Dahlem.