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    Wrinkle Treatment

    The condition of our skin deteriorates with age as collagen and elastic fibres are broken down and the production of the body’s own hyaluronic acid decreases. In addition, the skin loses its ability to bind water to provide the cells with sufficient moisture. This has a negative effect on the elasticity of the skin, it becomes drier and rougher. This can be explained by internal factors, such as the genetic code or the biological clock. However, external factors also play an important role, such as diet, exercise, sleep, etc.

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    Hyaluronic Acid – The Facts

    Duration of the operation: 20 min
    Length of stay in the clinic: no stay necessary
    Anaesthesia: only local anaesthetic ointment
    Follow-up treatment: every 6 to 12 months
    Resumption of normal social activity: 1 to 2 days after the treatment

    wrinkle treatment berlin

    Wrinkle Injection Procedure

    Preparation for the Wrinkle Injection

    You should prepare for the treatment interview by writing down questions you may have and being honest about your wishes. Your attending doctor will ask about your medical history to avoid possible complications. Together with your doctor, we will decide which product and procedure meets your needs. Before the procedure is performed, your doctor will consult you about a possible pain treatment.


    The duration of a wrinkle treatment is about 15 – 45 minutes. The substance is injected into the skin with a thin needle to fill wrinkles, add volume, shape the face or lips or rejuvenate the skin. At the end of the consultation you will be sufficiently informed and know what results to expect. After the procedure, you will receive instructions to make the time after the treatment as relaxed as possible.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Wrinkle Treatment by Injection Painful?

    This depends not only on your own pain perception but also on the treatment area. There are many possibilities to make the pain and discomfort more pleasant for the patient. Either the skin areas are anaesthetised with an anaesthetic cream before the procedure or products are used that already have a local anaesthetic integrated. The use of specially developed blunt needles also helps to relieve the patient’s pain.

    How Long Does the Cosmetic Effect of a Wrinkle Treatment Last?

    The duration of effect of an immediate aesthetic treatment with fillers based on hyaluronic acid or alternative fillers depends on many factors, such as skin structure, lifestyle, age of the patient, etc. On average, a treatment with alternative fillers should last 4-6 months, a hyaluronic acid injection 6-12 months. Afterwards, the body breaks down the substances and excretes them completely. This gives you the opportunity to decide on a new treatment again and again.

    What are the risks and side effects?

    After treatment, redness, swelling or pain may occur. However, these symptoms are considered normal and usually subside on their own within a few days of treatment.
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    Do you have any questions or would you like to make an appointment? Give us a call!

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