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Nasal Septum Op

Nasal Septum Op

The reason for a nasal septum operation does not always have to be aesthetic. A crooked nasal septum is often accompanied by functional disorders for the patient, such as nosebleeds, poor breathing through the nose or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. for the patient, such as nosebleeds, poor breathing through the nose or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. In this case, surgery can not only produce an aesthetically pleasing result, but can also mean a health improvement for the patient. The nasal septum is the middle wall in the nose, which consists of cartilage tissue and bone parts. The nasal septum issues can be hereditary or it can be crooked due to an accident. Straightening the nasal septum is often the only way to improve the patient’s physical condition in the long term.

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Nasal Septum Op:
The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

Outpatient or one night,
depending on the extent of the treatment


General or local anaesthesia
in twilight sleep

Follow-up treatment

6 days with a plaster if necessary

Resumption of social activities

1 to 4 weeks
dependent on condition







General Information on
the Correction of the Nasal Septum

Even if there are no functional disorders and the nose surgery has a purely aesthetic reason, straightening the nasal septum can often be the basis for a nose correction. This is because a crooked nasal septum is often responsible for the entire crooked position of the nose. The operation for a nasal septum correction is usually performed under general anaesthesia. Since the operation is performed through the nostrils, no visible scars are visible after the operation. There is no alternative to a nasal septum correction if the patient does not want to accept the limitations in the long term. Although the nose changes due to the growing cartilage tissue in the course of aging, the straightened nasal septum is usually not affected by these changes.


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Nasal Septum Operating Procedure

A nasal septum operation is a very common procedure, which is usually associated with an inpatient stay. This means that the patient is observed and medically cared for for about three days in our Sinis Clinic Berlin after the nasal septum operation. However, certain factors also allow for an outpatient procedure. If it is clear in advance that a relatively uncomplicated procedure with no risks is imminent, this is a very good prerequisite for performing the nasal septum on an outpatient basis. Additionally, if the patient is in good general condition and follows the medical instructions after the operation at home, then an outpatient operation can be recommended in this case.

The procedure of a nasal septum surgery varies from case to case. Depending on the findings and the desired result of the patient, the ideal surgical technique is chosen. As a rule, the patient is completely anaesthetised for the duration of the treatment. Access to the nasal septum is through the nostrils. This has the advantage, among other things, that no scars remain after the nasal septum operation.

The deformed components of the nasal septum are removed during the operation by separating the mucous membrane from cartilage tissue and small bone parts. In the further course of the procedure, small plastic supports, which serve as reinforcement, are often attached to the straightened nasal septum. It is not uncommon for the procedure to include a reduction in the size of the nasal concha, the so-called erectile tissue. The duration of the avearage procedure is about half an hour. However, if the operation is combined with other treatments, such as correction of the tip of the nose or reduction of the nasal concha, the duration is extended accordingly.

If necessary, the nose is treated with a tamponade after the nasal septum operation. As a side effect of the operation, more secretion will run out of the nose, which can be easily absorbed.

In order to ensure an optimal result after the nasal septum surgery, some instructions must be followed afterwards. The patient should refrain from physical exertion, including sports, in the first days and weeks after the nasal septum surgery. This contributes to the optimal healing process. This also includes suppressing sneezing as much as possible, if necessary with medication.

The inserted tamponade is removed again after one to two days. The inserted plastic supports are removed again after about a week. If necessary and to support the healing process during the nasal septum surgery, a painkiller can be administered. After a period of about one month, the healing of the nose and nasal mucous membrane will have progressed so far that they will function almost completely normally again. The secretion of discharge is a completely normal part of the nasal septum surgery process and will gradually decrease within a healing period of three to six weeks.

Nasal rinses can have a supportive effect here. Breathing and the sense of smell will still be restricted after the nasal septum surgery. Headaches and an unpleasant feeling of pressure are also accompanying symptoms, but these will subside after the healing phase.

Nasal Septum Op - Costs

The decision to have a nasal septum operation is often made not only for reasons of beauty but also for health reasons. Patients have problems breathing due to the crooked nasal septum and suffer from other unpleasant side effects. If this is the case, it is not uncommon for the health insurance company to cover part of the costs. In general, there is no flat rate that applies to each nasal septum surgery. Each operation of the nasal septum is individual and requires a different approach. In a personal consultation, we will discuss your case personally and provide you with information about the costs you can expect for your septum.

We perform surgery on the nasal septum very regularly at our Sinis Clinic Berlin. We always proceed in a highly professional and very conscientious manner. Every patient is carefully prepared for the nasal septum surgery. Risks and side effects are analysed. Place yourself in the best of hands at our Berlin clinic and make an appointment today at 030 – 67 82 81 81. You can also use the following form to discuss your wish to have a nasal septum operation performed.


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