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In the Press

Little Noor can finally smile’: Berlin doctor helps girls with facial paralysis

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“German doctor wants to save Brit-Ken”: Prof. Sinis helps in an emergency situation.

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“He could die”: German doctor wants to save British Ken double’s life

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Article in the B.Z. Berlin

“Thumb surgery: Luckily the doctor was bang on too” Prof. Sinis went to the limits of microsurgery.

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“Silicone scandal: 1st Berlin botch-up silicon victim speaks” Prof. Sinis saves the patient in a 4 hour emergency surgery

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“Dr. Sinis made Julian’s hand go.”

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“Great, my leg’s unleaded again.”

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Plastische & Ästhetische Chirurgen
in Berlin auf jameda

Article in the Berliner Morgenpost

“Moment of shock with a happy ending. A broken arm usually isn’t a drama. But Lara (4) suddenly could not move her hand”

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“Miracles last longer”

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“Berlin surgeons save Georgian boy’s leg”

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Further articles

“Shock for ‘Ken’-double Rodrigo: Nose fixed after surgery marathon” Video clip by RTL

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“Doctor from Berlin gives family man face back after acid attack” (Berliner Kurier)

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“The cost of cheap silicon” (Ex-Berliner)

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“The Microsurgeon” (Der Tagesspiegel)

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“My calf is now my arm” (Bild.de)

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