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    Eyelid Lift in Berlin

    The eyelid lift is also known as blepharoplasty. The word blepharam, like many other terms of aesthetic surgery, originates from the Greek, where it still has the meaning ‘eyelid’ as a modern Greek word. The eyelids were called the gate to the soul in Greek mythology. This is due to the position towards the eyes and the iris, which the ancient Greeks believed to be the mirror of the soul, which dwells deep in the body (more precisely: in the lungs!). The plastic and aesthetic surgeon sees how much truth is contained in this idea in daily practice.

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    General Information about an Eyelid Lift

    Blepharoplasty is now one of the most common cosmetic operations in Germany. The desire for a youthful, fresh appearance is particularly pronounced in the over 40 age group, among both women and men. However, younger age groups may also wish to have an eyelid lift if they have congenital bags or excess skin. Because especially the delicate and thin skin around the eyes is the first to show changes in the sense of wrinkles or volume surplus/deficit. However, unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, poor diet or genetic predispositions (sensitivity, fat distribution disorders, etc.) also lead to a negative expression of the eye region: people with droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes or dark circles under the eyes are often perceived as tired, stressed or sad.

    Due to changes that make the face appear older and more exhausted than it actually is, those affected no longer feel comfortable in their skin and suffer from the imbalance between external appearance and internal condition. A professional eyelid correction can help and cause the gaze to appear more open again and gain in expressiveness. In eyelid correction, a distinction is made between upper and lower eyelid lifting. In addition, the removal of dark circles around the eyes is becoming increasingly popular. The correction can be done separately on the upper or lower eyelid or in combination. If you want to have your eyelids tightened to look open and radiant again, please contact us. At the Sinis Clinic Berlin we take the time for a personal consultation with you. Due to the complexity of the anatomy, but also the various appearances and changes in the eyelids, we will first examine you in order to make a diagnosis and then draw up a therapy and treatment plan. This is the only way we can recommend and implement the right treatment for you.

    Eyelid Lift – The Facts

    Duration of the operation: 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the extent of the treatment
    Length of stay in the clinic: one day as an outpatient
    Anesthesia: local anesthesia with immobilization
    Follow-up treatment: decongestant measures for 2 – 3 days
    Resumption of social activities after 7 to 10 days

    Types of Eyelid Lift at Sinis Clinic Berlin

    Upper Eyelid Lift

    Drooping eyelids are upper eyelids in which the movable part of the eyelid is covered by drooping skin and is no longer or hardly visible. As a result, the eye appears much smaller and sometimes compressed and appears tired and worn out. The reasons for this are the natural aging process and the sensitivity of this extremely thin skin around the eyes. Young patients can also show such changes due to the eyebrow’s composition. A frequently mentioned symptom among women is the problem of the process of applying make-up. The excess skin interferes with the application of the eyeliner, or sometimes does not allow it at all. Drooping eyelids can be effectively corrected with an upper eyelid lift. The upper eyelid lift is one of the comparatively smaller and less complicated procedures. Nevertheless, this is by no means a banal or even simple surgical procedure. The quality of the result of upper eyelid lift also depends on the care and experience of the aesthetic surgeon.….read more

    Lower Eyelid Lift

    The lower eyelid lift is a beautiful instrument for the plastic and aesthetic surgeon to carry out rejuvenation of the lower eyelids but also of the region of the midface with a varying range. During the consultations in our private clinic in Berlin, we always hold a mirror in front of the patient and simulate the lifting of the lower eyelids by pointing out the significant points on the lower lids. Here the patient can then let his or her personal ideas flow in order to avoid overcorrections and misplanning. Lower eyelid plastic surgery is often a complementary procedure to upper eyelid plastic surgery and represents a harmonious transition from the face to the midface. If necessary, the midface can also be easily corrected and rejuvenated because the plastic and aesthetic surgeon has various options for a midface lift.….read more

    Remove rings around the eyes

    Eye circles, swollen eyelids or tired eyes, also known as ringed eyes in technical jargon, are dark, usually bluish or purple discoloured areas of the lower eyelid. Patients who suffer from dark circles under the eyes usually feel that they look tired and exhausted, and the causes of ‘tired eyes’ are varied. Poor sleep and a restless lifestyle cause dark circles to develop under the eyes. They are also caused by genetics, aging, poor blood circulation, pigment disorders, taking blood-thinning medication, allergies, diseases, vitamin deficiency and nicotine consumption can play a role. If preventive and cosmetic measures are not sufficient, there are methods of aesthetic surgery for the treatment of dark rings under the eyes, which are removed by injecting either hyaluronic acid or the patient’s own fat. The necessary solution is injected under the skin to the lower eyelid and it is filled out.
    Operations are performed on an outpatient basis with or without local anaesthesia. At the Sinis Clinic Berlin, such an operation is only carried out after a comprehensive personal consultation, during which we inform you about the treatment and find the solution that suits you best. Especially when using hyaluronic acid on the eyelids, it is important to carefully weigh the possibilities and the risks against each other, as this can lead to massive changes on the eyelids.
    ….read more

    Entfernung von Augenringen in Berlin bei Sinis Aesthetics

    Our Eyelid Lift Procedure in Berlin

    Which procedure is the right one for me?

    Basically, no face is the same as the other and every patient who comes to our private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Berlin for lower eyelid lifting and removal of drooping eyelids will be advised individually. Undesirable drooping eyelids: Basic considerations must always be aimed at ensuring that the plastic and aesthetic surgeon has a broad grasp of eyelid surgery in order to assess the necessity for the various techniques. Therefore, it is also important for the patient to choose a surgeon according to his or her skills and the breadth of their surgical abilities before the lower eyelid lift. Only in this way can patients be sure to achieve an optimal and tailored result in lower eyelid lifting.

    Eyelid Lifts with Autologous Fat: The modern eyelid plastic surgery using the body’s own fat

    Both the lower and upper eyelids have a particular distribution of fatty tissue, which is found in the deep layers under the muscle. It is therefore particularly important, whether it is an upper eyelid lift or a lower eyelid correction for drooping eyelids, to measure the amount of fatty tissue during the examination. Besides the excess fat, there may also be a condition on the aging face where we find too little adipose tissue in these regions. Another reason for this is the aging process, which can also be accompanied by a reduction of the natural fat pockets in the face. In such a situation, the eye sockets appear empty and the eyes become expressionless because they are overlaid by the shadow effect of the limiting, bony eye socket. Here it makes sense to fill the eyelid lift, whether it is the upper or lower lid, with an autologous fat transplant. The empty or hollow facial expression can be altered and the eye socket can be filled with the patient’s own fat.

    Is eyelid lifting at Sinis Clinic Berlin also possible without surgery?

    Minimally invasive treatment by means of atmospheric plasma is an innovative technology that enables targeted tightening of the superficial tissue. In the course of this special plasma treatment, nitrogen contained in the air as well as oxygen is ionized. The resulting plasma briefly heats the uppermost skin layers and sublimates them without damaging the dermis. Thus, a natural wound healing process is stimulated, reducing the excess skin effectively, almost painlessly and precisely. The advantages of this method are obvious – a tightening effect is achieved gently, completely without surgery and scars, which is comparable to a surgical eyelid correction, with no risks to the eyes. In addition, you will be able to go about your normal activities after only a short time.

    Can drooping eyelids also be removed with eyelid lifting?

    The eyelid lift is a plastic surgery, whereby the tightening of the eye area is achieved. Sagging upper eyelids, sunken lower eyelids, wrinkles under the eyes and/or bags under the eyes consisting of fatty tissue can be removed in this way. Accordingly, drooping eyelids can also be effectively and permanently removed by means of an eyelid lift.
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    After the Eyelid Lift Op / Experiences

    After eyelid lift surgery / experiences What do I have to consider after an eyelid lift?

    We ask you not to lift any heavy objects in the first 24 hours after the operation and to take care of yourself physically. The compression bandage applied during the operation should be left in place until the next morning and can then be removed independently. Therefore, after the upper eyelid lift, when you are discharged from our private clinic in Berlin, you should not get into the car, but rather arrange for your friends or family to drive you home so that you do not have to operate a vehicle. At home you should not bend down and cool your eyes with ice if possible (scheme: 20 min cool – 40 min break). You should sleep with a slightly elevated upper body on your back for the first few days after the operation. On the day after the procedure you will have a check-up appointment at our private clinic in Berlin, so that we can give you further instructions and recommendations. These usually include decongestant and anti-inflammatory tablets, antibiotic eye drops and additionally moistening eye drops.

    Eyelid Lift Aftercare

    In order for you to be able to enjoy rapid surgical success, careful and consistent aftercare after the eyelid lift is necessary. It is very important to us that you enjoy plenty of rest immediately after the eyelid lift. Swelling, which is unavoidable after an operation, should be cooled down in order to relieve the pain that occurs at the same time. It is also possible that the eye does not close completely in the first few days. This is normal and we often see it in the course of the aftercare. In this procedure, the stitches are removed about five to seven days after the operation. In order to promote healing of the eyelids without complications, follow-up treatment after the stay at the Sinis Clinic Berlin is also important. During the follow-up treatment we give you tips and recommendations on the correct sleeping position, how to deal with sunlight, the computer and TV, the use of make-up or even advice on wearing contact lenses and sports activities. After a few weeks, swelling and bruising disappear. Although the scars remain visible for several weeks and are initially reddened and somewhat hardened, they become softer and more inconspicuous when treated with a scar cream. In addition, the scars are planned through the incision in the anatomically predetermined cover folds and are therefore largely invisible.

    When does a blepharoplasty heal?

    Optimal healing is important for a natural result of your eyelid lift. A lot of rest after the eyelid correction promotes healing. Cooling swellings, which are unavoidable after the procedure, also has a pain-relieving effect. A small set of guidelines for the first days at home is also an important part of aftercare, for example the correct sleeping position or the use of sunlight, for an optimal healing process and a short healing period The swelling and the most severe bruises are usually gone after a short healing period of about a few weeks. After an optimal healing process, the eyelids quickly look beautiful again. The still slightly reddened and somewhat hardened scars heal with the right care and become softer and more inconspicuous over time.

    Before and after comparison of eyelid lift in Berlin

    The most important thing for us in eyelid correction is to achieve an optimal, beautiful and natural result for you. We will simulate the possible result of an eyelid lift with you in front of a mirror, to give you an idea of your rejuvinated appearance before the operation . In this way you already get an idea of the before and after comparison.
    Before and after pictures are very suitable for directly evaluating the difference. However, according to § 11 paragraph 1 sentence 3 of the German Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG) it is not allowed to publish such images of patients in the publicly accessible media since April 1, 2006. However, such photographs may be shown during a personal consultation, so that you have the opportunity to compare the results already achieved with your personal expectations. On the basis of the photos you can make sure that a surgical eyelid lift leads to naturally beautiful results. Moreover, if you are still undecided, the photographs will certainly help you to make a decision about eyelid lifting.

    Experiences of Eyelid Lifts in Berlin

    It is our goal that our patients at the Sinis Clinic Berlin have consistently positive experiences with their eyelid lift. We would like to take good all round care of you, so that you feel comfortable with us. This starts with our competent team of specialists (surgeon, anaesthetist, theatre nurse, nurses on the ward, doctor’s assistants, etc.), who have many years of experience in eyelid corrections. We know the needs of patients who have undergone an eyelid lift and unfortunately we have had too many patients who have had negative experiences with eyelid correction from other providers, especially cheap providers or surgeons from other fields. Whether our patients are satisfied with your eyelid lift with us? The reviews of our patients on the relevant portals Jameda and Estheticon.de speak for themselves. You are welcome to head over there and read our patients’ eyelid lift experiences for yourself.

    What do I need to consider before an eyelid lift?

    Before an eyelid correction, you must first rule out all eye diseases, which is why an ophthalmological examination in advance is extremely useful. Before an eyelid lift, however, you should keep in mind above all that your own behavior before the treatment makes a significant contribution to rapid healing. You should avoid nicotine as much as possible for about two weeks before the treatment in order to improve the oxygen supply to the skin and thus accelerate wound healing. Painkillers, especially acetylsalicylic acid or other antipyretic drugs, rheumatism medications, but also high-dose vitamin E should not be taken during this time, as they impair blood clotting. For the same reason, it is also advisable to avoid sleeping pills and alcohol. If you have caught a cold or even an eye infection in the meantime, the surgery must be postponed to avoid unnecessary surgical risks.

    Can scars remain after eyelid lifting?

    Eyelid lift is an effective method to refresh the face. However, it is an operation in which your skin must be incised, which inevitably leaves scars. However, these very thin, barely visible scars disappear into the back creases of the eyelid, so that they are completely invisible to the open eye – they “play”, so to speak, in the creases of the upper eyelid. As soon as the bruising and swelling subside, it is hardly noticeable that a surgical procedure has taken place. After about a year, the scars disappear almost completely, so they will not be visible to the naked eye. In addition, the healing of the wound and consequently the appearance of the scars can be significantly influenced by careful aftercare. How you should treat the sutures in the postoperative period will be explained in detail in our consultations.
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    Eyelid Lift Risks

    The Risks after an Eyelid Lift

    Even though there are various methods for eyelid lifting, thanks to research and further development of techniques and equipment in recent years, eyelid lifting is generally considered to be one of the low-risk procedures in the facial area. Complications are considered to be the absolute exception with the non-operative techniques. Normal accompanying symptoms may include slight redness, swelling, temporary discomfort or headaches. In individual cases, a muscle slackening of the eyelid is possible, which is reduced within a very short time.
    Surgical treatment methods on the eyelid mean discolouration, wound pain or even bleeding cannot be ruled out completely. However, they generally do not pose any serious risks, as they disappear after a few days and do not leave any permanent damage. We consider thorough preparation in a personal consultation with you at the Sinis Clinic Berlin to be important, as well as careful care and aftercare, in order to achieve optimal treatment success and minimize the risks associated with your eyelid lift. These measures, together with a precise and microsurgical execution of the operation, are the basic prerequisite for a low-complication operation.

    Is there a danger to my vision with an eyelid lift?

    No matter whether upper eyelid lift or lower eyelid plastic surgery is performed, there is no danger to the eyesight. In principle, injuries to the optic nerve can occur if the operation is performed behind the eye along the fat pads. Since this maneuver is only very rarely necessary (e.g. in the case of hormone-related disorders or autoimmune diseases leading to a prolapsed eyelid), a clear rule applies here: no contact with these anatomical areas means no danger to the optic nerve or the eyesight during eyelid lift. Nevertheless, patients must always be informed about such complications, even though the risk is very low as already described.

    For whom is eyelid lift at Sinis Klinik Berlin not recommended?

    Eyelid correction is a highly effective method for women and men to sustainably revitalize facial features and thus achieve a more positive radiance. However, a classic operation is not always suitable and not for everyone. If the drooping eyelids are not too pronounced, a surgical intervention would be disproportionate – an “overtreatment”, so to speak, and therefore rather unsuitable. In this case, the tissue can be tightened with the help of atmospheric plasma and the excess skin can be removed in this way. In addition, there may be health contraindications – such as hyperthyroidism, which can be determined during a detailed medical history. Also, constant dryness of the eyes or undefined swelling of the eyelids may indicate allergies or other internal diseases that may preclude eyelid lifting. Therefore, a thorough medical examination should be performed before the surgical procedure to exclude relevant diseases.
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    Using the ‘Hello Professor!’ function, you can directly forward your questions or images to Professor Sinis via WhatsApp.

    Eyelid Lift Costs at Sinis Aesthetics Berlin

    How much does an eyelid lift cost?

    There is no standard price for an eyelid lift, because they depend on the chosen method and vary according to personal findings and your desired result. An exact calculation of the costs for your eyelid correction can only be made after the first personal consultation. During the consultation, we determine which method will be used to achieve the best result for you. Factors such as the method used, anaesthesia costs, follow-up treatment and outpatient or, if applicable, inpatient hospitalisation play a role in the price composition. Since the most important organ from an aesthetic point of view – the face – is the eyelid lift, your health and your further well-being depend on it, you should not focus your thoughts on the costs at this point – even if cheap providers tempt you with supposed bargain surgery. The focus is on safe care before, during and after the operation for a complication-free result according to your wishes and ideas. Learn more about the prices for an eyelid lift in Berlin. Link to Eyelid lift costs.

    Cost of the Initial Consultation

    The costs of the initial consultation always depend on the type and extent of the treatment. In principle, the scale of fees for doctors applies to the consultation hours. Thereafter, patients pay 90 € for the initial consultation with anamnesis, collection of previous findings, physical examination and preparation of a therapy and cost plan. This fee is payable once and will not be credited towards further treatment. Additional appointments and post-operative care are included in the total price of the operation and do not have to be paid separately. This is the only way to ensure a high-quality treatment with sufficient treatment time, during which we can respond to you and your specific needs. In order to ensure the success of the treatment, we have to carry out the consultation with sufficient time and care.

    When does the health insurance company pay for the eyelid lift?

    Whether your health insurance will cover the costs of an eyelid correction depends on the medical necessity for the operation. In the case of operations for purely aesthetic reasons – for example, because a patient wants to look younger and fresher – the costs of an eyelid lift, including possible follow-up treatments, are generally not covered by health insurance. Exceptions to this rule of cost coverage for eyelid corrections are clear medical indications. This can be a limitation of vision, which for example is caused by an accident or by a congenital impairment (malformation of the eyelid) and makes the necessity of plastic surgery medically justifiable. If such a case arises, the health insurance company will then decide how severe these limitations are. The basic prerequisite for a possible assumption of costs or a subsidy by the health insurance company is a complete and meaningful application. This must include a medical report on the symptoms, diagnosis, previous treatments and prospects of recovery from the planned treatment. In addition, a medical certificate confirming the necessity of eyelid lift, photographs and, if necessary, cost estimates for this procedure are required. In the end, however, it is up to the health insurance company to decide whether it will approve or support cost coverage for an eyelid correction.We would be happy to advise you at the Sinis Clinic Berlin on your individual case and are available for discussions with your health insurance company.

    What does it cost to remove drooping eyelids?

    The prices for a drooping eyelid correction vary greatly depending on the findings and usually vary between approximately 1500 and 5000 euros depending on the scope of the surgery and the type of anesthesia. The costs for a plasma treatment of the upper eyelid wrinkle start at about 400 Euros.

    When is a drooping eyelid surgery covered by health insurance?

    Drooping eyelids do not affect the health of the patient in any way, so that eyelid correction is an aesthetic operation that is not necessary for purely medical reasons. Because of this, neither the statutory nor the private health insurances usually cover the costs of such a treatment. However, occasionally the costs are covered if there is a medical indication. As an example, a strong expression of the drooping eyelids can be mentioned, so that a restriction of the field of vision is given and in everyday life impairments exist. However, this condition must be certified by an ophthalmologist. In such a case, it would make sense to consult with your health insurance company, or an application could be made to have the costs of treatment covered. Whether a private health insurance would cover the costs of an eyelid lift in such a situation or participate in it, you can possibly find out from your insurance policy – although contacting your health insurance can also quickly provide clarification here.
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    Using the ‘Hello Professor!’ function, you can directly forward your questions or images to Professor Sinis via WhatsApp.

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