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Ear Correction in Berlin

For those affected, protruding or strongly asymmetrical ears are often a burden. Since the problem usually exists since birth and there is no chance of natural improvement, ear surgery is often performed in childhood. However, many adults who want to have their ears fitted in Berlin also make their way to a plastic and aesthetic surgeon. Different techniques are available depending on the age of the patient. As a general rule, a comprehensive analysis always precedes the recommendation of an operational correction.

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General Information about Ear Correction

In order to achieve a satisfactory result for the patient, ear cartilage conditions must be identified and correctly assessed. Only then can a correction be made and the shape of the ear changed. At the Sinis Clinic Berlin all operations are performed like jug ear correction and ear reduction under microsurgical conditions.

Ear Correction – The Facts

Duration of the operation: approx. 60 minutes
Length of stay in the clinic: outpatient, a few hours
Anaesthesia: local anaesthesia in twilight sleep
Aftercare: Wearing a headband for four weeks
Resumption of social activities after: approx. 14 days

ear correction

Types of Ear Correction

Ear Correction for Adults

In case of protruding ears or ear deformities, earplasty in adults, also known as otoplasty, is helpful as a small measure to eliminate larger problems in the patient’s appearance and self-perception. Although teasing is generally less common in adults, in such cases, an assessment of the patient’s own perception or looks is sufficient to justify an earplasty. Patients have often been toying with the idea for years. Personal circumstances, lack of time due to professional obligations, and also financial considerations can deter those affected from an operation at a young age. Nevertheless, most of the Berlin patients are younger adults or, in some cases, children.

Changing Children’s Ears

Very young people benefit particulalry well from an earplasty. Teasing on the playground is not rare to hear from the affected persons or their parents. For this reason, health insurance companies are willing to pay for the treatment of children. In this situation it is worthwhile for parents to apply for a certificate together with the plastic surgeon in order to receive a health insurance rebate for their child’s ear pinning. Earplasty, also known as otoplasty, can correct protruding ears on babies and enable affected children to develop their personality without any obstacles.

Ear Correction Methods

Ear Pinning – The Methods

Otoplasty, also known as ear pinning surgery, reconstructs the incorrectly or partially present cartilage framework of the ear, thus causing the ears to move inwards towards the skull. An incision is usually made behind the ear so that it cannot be seen from the front. Subsequently, the cartilage is reinforced and duplicated with appropriate non-resorbable sutures to perform the ear pinning plastic surgery. This way the ear contact plastic surgery can be performed successfully and with a permanently stable result. In rare cases the otic pit is also overpriced. This can also result in the ears sticking out. The protruding ear tilts so far forward that from the front it looks like a telephone. During th ear pinning plastic surgery in Berlin, the derotation of this cartilaginous scaffold must also be carried out in order to achieve a fully harmonious result.

Ear Correction Using Sutures

The ear correction is carried out using the suture method, without incisions or scars. The ear is reshaped with the help of sutures inserted into the ear’s cartilage. In most cases, this technique leads to a satisfactory result in patients with protruding ears. Non-dissolving threads are used to pull the ears towards the head and hold them in position with a few stitches on the back of the ear muscles. If ear lobes protrude and the cartilage allows it, sutures can also be added there. As a rule, you are immediately able to resume social activities again after this minimally invasive method.

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After the Operation / Experiences

How long does the healing process take after the ear correction?

In principle, the amount of post-operative treatment must be adjusted in proportion to the amount of work involved in the operation on the ears. With a minimal amount of work involved in an ear correction or ear placement, the follow-up treatment is also clear and easy to implement for the patient. In general, a good and fast healing process is likely.

What do you have to consider after the ear surgery?

The fitting of the ears or other ear corrections are usually performed on an outpatient basis at the Sinis Clinic in Berlin. They can be performed under local anaesthesia and light sedation (twilight sleep) or even while awake. Patients can then leave the clinic after a short observation period. In principle, patients can of course stay in the clinic for observation overnight if they wish. Whether in the clinic or at home, patients are all asked to sleep with a slightly raised upper body to avoid bruising and swelling of the ears after the ear correction and to speed up the healing process.

Washing Hair after Ear Surgery

The healing process differs and by extension the possibility to wash your hair after the ear surgery, depend on the method of treatment. As a rule, you should expose your ears to as little water as possible and wear a cap rather than wash your hair during the healing process. However, this should be possible again after the thread has been pulled.

Pain after Ear Surgery

First and foremost, if severe pain occurs after the ear surgery in Berlin, it can be treated well with painkillers. Some patients generally complain of moderate pain a few days after the ear correction, which gradually subsides over time. However, the severity and length of time the pain lasts also depends on the method and individual circumstances.

How long must a headband be worn after the ear surgery?

If you have had an ear correction using the thread method, you do not need to wear a headband after the ear surgery. After an otoplasty, patients are required to wear a headband for several weeks (4-6 weeks depending on social obligations) after the ear correction. If possible, the headband should be left on around the clock to keep the ears in the position they will be placed in after the ear pinning plastic surgery. It is not necessary to buy a headband after the ear surgery, as it is included in the price of the ear correction.

Ear Pinning: Experiences

At the Sinis Clinic Berlin we have pinned numerous ears with satisfactory results in babies, children and adults. From our experience, an ear correction is always performed without any problems and with little pain. It is a small procedure with great effects.

Otoplasty: Before & after effect

Before & after pictures of our patients prove the great effect on the appearance and above all the satisfaction of our patients. The result is visible immediately after the ears are pinned. Any swellings usually subside quickly, which means that the patient is quickly able to return to social activities. If an ear correction is performed with the suture method, this before and after effect is even visible immediately after the operation
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Using the ‘Hello Professor!’ function, you can directly forward your questions or images to Professor Sinis via WhatsApp.


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How much does ear pinning cost?

How much the ear correction costs are, is calculated individually. If you would like to have your ears pinned, we will be happy to inform you about the price. The costs of ear pinning are determined together with our patients during an initial consultation, where the methods and the ear surgery are explained.

Cost of Ear Correction in Berlin

The total price of the ear surgery depends on the method to be used, such as an ear correction with the suture method and the circumstances. This amount is determined during an initial consultation. After that there are usually no further costs. Pre-treatment, surgery and aftercare are included. For further questions or an appointment for an ear correction in Berlin, please call us at 030 92 10 81 75 58 or simply fill out our contact form.
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Do you have any questions or would you like to make an appointment? Give us a call!

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