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    Beauty Ops for Anxious Patients sinis berlin

    Fear of plastic surgery!

    Her greatest wish is an aesthetic operation, if it were not for fears and anxieties…

    My name is Marlies-Kathrin Föllmer and I am an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, trained in hypnosis (Master level) and in the treatment of traumatic events and happenings, using EMDR and the neurotherapy EMI.

    This is another special feature that the Dahlem Clinic offers you. I will gladly support you in the preparation of the planned operation, for example by means of medical hypnosis.

    In the hypnotic trance, a state is established which is directed with increased attention to inner images and processes. Problems arise in the head, solutions too. Stressful experiences and fears are not good companions.

    I too feel responsible in putting you on the road to leaving the clinic successfully and satisfied. A thoroughly relaxed mind, wrapped in anticipation and looking forward to the operation date and the long-awaited change is also free and unencumbered.

    Scientific studies have shown that operations such as those that can be performed largely under local anesthesia, with hypnotic support, requiring much less anesthetics, show better wound healing, when patients are fit and relaxed.

    If you would like to learn more about my fields of work, I would like to invite you to visit my website, www.teufelskreis-angst.de

    Beauty Ops for Anxious Patients sinis

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