Darf’s ein bisschen mehr Beratung sein

Letzte Woche hatte ich in meiner Privatpraxis für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie Besuch von der sympathischen Moderatorin und Bloggerin, Tanja Bülter, die sich und ihre Leser auf den neuesten Stand hinsichtlich 3D-Facelifts bringen wollte. Der Anlass war zwar nicht Donatella Versace und ihr auffälliges Erscheinungsbild – trotzdem ging es auch wieder um bekannte Schauspielerinnen, die plötzlich komplett verändert aussehen.

Das Älterwerden beschäftigt irgendwann alle – ob Mann oder Frau. Wenn die Gesichtszüge sich langsam verändern und altersbedingte Prozesse dazu führen, dass wir nicht mehr als Zwanzigjährige durchgehen, kratzt das an unserem Selbstbewusstsein. Mit Cremen, Masken, gesunder Ernährung und ausreichend Sport kann man zwar positiv auf den Alterungsprozess einwirken – rückgängig machen können wir ihn allerdings damit nicht. Auch Krankheiten oder Schicksalsschläge können Faktoren sein, die ein Gesicht schneller altern lassen – die Trauer legt sich auf ein Gesicht und lässt es über Nacht älter werden.

How do you deal with it, if you want to actively participate in the life after surviving illness or after a mourning period – but the skin has not regenerated? Do you have to live with it and avoid every look in the mirror because you do not want to see yourself like that? I recently treated a patient in my private practice who had just that problem. An unhappy love, an exhausting life as a single mother and everyday worries had drawn the young woman. She looked much older than her biological age and worse than she actually felt.

As she became acquainted with a new life partner, her belief solidified that she also wanted to take away the memory of her „old life“. After a detailed consultation and consideration of all available options, I decided in this case for a gentle facelift, because the facial skin of the patient had really aged greatly. The result was a subtle change that could be seen! The patient looked years younger – fatigue wrinkles were gone and she looked fresh and well-rested. I was especially pleased that she left the practice with an increased self-confidence and her changed appearance perfectly suited her new life.

I was just right in this case as a form of operation the 3-DFacelift. But there are also patients or patients in whom even small interventions can often bring about great changes. Especially botulinum toxin or hyaluron can produce great results that were unthinkable years ago. Here, the doctor is duty-bound to provide information and to show his patients these possibilities. Even so-called thread lifts, where degradable threads are placed under the skin and achieve a tightening effect thanks to small barbs, are an effective method. The methods can do a lot nowadays and manage to rejuvenate the appearance by years.

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