There has been a great demand for breast augmentation (breast augmentation) for years. As a result of increasing demand, countless different breast implants now exist on the market . One of the essential criteria for distinguishing this is the characteristic of the shape of the implant. In various Internet forums there are discussions to the pros and cons of the two typical forms for breast augmentation . But is there a general answer to the question of which form is „better“ for breast augmentation?

When choosing the right breast implant for breast augmentation, it is first of all important to develop the desired result according to your expectations together with the patient. Depending on the anatomical conditions and desire of the patient, the shape, size and projection of the breasts after surgery can be optimally planned. The ideal shape of the implant can therefore only be selected in interaction with the patient.

Regardless, there are some differences between „round“ and „teardrop“ implants for breast augmentation. Round implants are symmetrical in the horizontal and vertical dimensions. It is not without reason that they continue to play a crucial role in breast augmentation because they allow for a larger projection. In particular, in the décolleté area can thus achieve a reinforcement of the breast contour, which can be particularly beneficial for young women with strong tissue or very slim women.

The concept of drop-shaped (or „anatomical“) implants, however, promises more naturalness for breast augmentation. Due to the asymmetrical shape in all three dimensions, the breast can be individually designed. The common feature of all such shaped implants is that the maximum elevation of the breast in this way is easily shifted towards the lower breast fold. Especially with weak connective tissue or after pregnancies, drop-shaped implants for breast augmentation should be considered.

Due to the advantages of the two basic forms of the breast implant, there are also the disadvantages. Round implants always bear the risk of not appearing „natural“ when the décolleté contour is modeled very prominently. Detailed planning and appropriate design selection of the implant minimize this risk during breast augmentation. Most manufacturers offer three different „designs“ for each implant volume: the profile in the side view is flat, medium or high. Thus, for example, a high profile should be avoided with very small breasts on the one hand to avoid tension on the skin and on the other hand to prevent an all-clear increase in the implant contour.

In the case of breast augmentation with teardrop-shaped implants, there is the possibility of implant rotation. The fact that the shape of the implant is not symmetrical-round, it comes when moving or slipping to a distortion of the breast shape. However, in recent years, great progress has been made in the development of the surface texture of teardrop implants. By means of these special surfaces, the risk of rotation and concomitant loss of breast shape after breast augmentation could be minimized. Furthermore, teardrop implants typically have slightly different material properties: the „cohesive gel“ they contain feels slightly stiffer than conventional round gel implants because the material stabilizes the shape.

The implant choice is a crucial criterion for the „perfect breast“, but only after careful evaluation of the patient’s ideas can the individually correct decision be made. In addition, a number of other questions about breast augmentation should be discussed with the patient. In my private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Berlin Dahlem I help you to answer all these questions in order to achieve the best results according to your wishes. I always advise my patients to make a note of their own questions before the first appointment in order to be able to guarantee the widest possible consultation.