Remedy for loopholes

In our private practice for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Berlin Dahlem, we advise on topics such as breast augmentation or facelift , often on the subject of eyelid surgery and eyelid surgery. Women and men are equally affected. If women sometimes have the option of concealing and overpowering here and there with make-up, this type of correction is less likely for the male gender.

Slip-eyelids, either as a result of age or as a result of predisposition, can sooner or later turn into a not only optical problem for those affected.

You can not do anything sustainable against sloppy scavengers: creams and masks only help to a limited extent here and in the end they do not work wonders. An upper eyelid tightening or a lower eyelid tightening can help here.

In my private practice for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Berlin, most patients complain of the „heaviness“ that causes sloughing in their face. The swollen eyelids suggest sadness and often fatigue on the affected person’s face. In particularly severe cases, eyelids can press the eye so much that even vision is limited. Here, the upper eyelid tightening are then largely borne by the health insurance companies.

The cause of loophole may be a lack of sleep or an unhealthy lifestyle due to too much nicotine. Often it can also be a genetic cause behind it.

In plastic and aesthetic surgery, eyelid tightening is one of the minor surgical procedures, but its effects can not be overlooked. Patients enthusiastically report how much this little procedure has changed their appearance. Not only for the patient, the change is immediately visible, even outsiders do not miss that the face suddenly looks fresh and the previously visible fatigue has disappeared.

Depending on the extent of treatment, the surgery lasts between 30 minutes to one hour. Only a local anesthetic is necessary, which puts the patient in a pleasant twilight state. As a rule, the swelling lasts only a few days, after another five to seven days the patient can return to the social stage.

Even if the procedure appears small and simple: precise work and professional competence of the surgeon form the basis for a perfect result. There is more to the surgery than just cutting and removing excess tissue. A responsible surgeon is primarily interested in the cause research that caused the hatching problem in the first place. The simplest cause here is a skin surplus, which is to be removed with a cut.

Often, however, the eyelid can be the cause that the eyelid is weakened and thus creates a tired look. In order to keep the eyelid taut in the long term and not to collapse again, the eyelid muscle should also be tightened in this case. This saves the patient follow-up operations.

In order to achieve an optimal result for the patient, I discuss the wishes and needs of my patients during the counseling sessions. With the mirror in hand, we talk about correction requests and the various possibilities.

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